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Little Rock sex offender sentenced to 10 years for rape, sexual assault

LR sex offender on probation when 2 women attacked by John Lynch | September 16, 2022 at 3:25 a.m.

A 42-year-old Little Rock sex offender accused of sexual violence against two women while on probation for molesting a woman has accepted a 10-year prison sentence for rape and sexual assault.

Sentencing papers filed Monday show Christopher Edward Walls dropped his legal challenges to the charges that include failure to register as a sex offender, with a no-contest plea before Pulaski County Circuit Judge Leon Johnson in exchange for the 10-year sentence.

Court records show Walls has been on probation since February 2015 when he pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm and misdemeanor domestic violence for an October 2013 arrest in North Little Rock for beating up his now-estranged wife, 30-year-old Nichole Walls, about three weeks after their fifth wedding anniversary.

According to an arrest report, North Little Rock police called to the couple's North Little Rock home found Christopher Walls passed out in the street with a .22 caliber rifle with the serial number scratched out next to him.

Eight months after pleading guilty, Walls was arrested in Little Rock in October 2015 on aggravated animal cruelty charges after a neighbor reported to police in August 2015 there were three pit bull terriers, one of them dead, in the backyard of Walls' West 40th Street home, according to police reports.

The surviving dogs did not have food, water or shade, and the neighbor said he had not seen Walls in three days. Police got the landlord to let them into the home to check on Walls and found him asleep in bed. The surviving animals were seized by authorities.

Five days later, a man mowing the grass at the house found a second dead pit bull that had been chained to a wall under a bush, with investigators estimating the animal had been dead almost a week.

The resulting police investigation determined the animals had been left outside without shelter on days when the temperature reached 91 to 97 degrees, possibly reaching 101 degrees, according to the police reports. Walls was arrested after investigators obtained a warrant.

Walls pleaded guilty to a Class D felony count of aggravated animal cruelty in October 2017 in exchange for a four-year suspended prison sentence.

Two months later in December 2017, Jordan Rich, 31, who has a child with Walls, reported he had punched her several times while they were driving in Little Rock about a week before Christmas. Walls was arrested on a domestic-violence warrant about six weeks later in March 2018 in North Little Rock.

He spent about two weeks in jail before being released on $5,000 bond but was arrested again two weeks later by North Little Rock police on a rape count, court filings show.

Court filings show a then-25-year-old woman called North Little Rock police to report that she'd followed an acquaintance known only as "Flyy" to his Sycamore Street home where he'd offered drugs to snort and propositioned her for sex.

She said she repeatedly refused Flyy's sexual advances but accepted some marijuana, hoping that would get Flyy to let her leave.

The woman said Flyy continued to proposition her for sex, stating she let him but also that she told him several times to stop. She said she was at Flyy's home from about noon to 7:30 p.m. before she could get away. Investigators discovered that Walls was Flyy by tracing text messages Flyy had sent to the woman to Walls' phone.

Walls told police the woman had come to him looking for marijuana, offering to pay for it with sex, stating that he had a consensual encounter with her. Walls also gave police written messages he said the woman gave him about her interest in acquiring marijuana, according to court records.

Walls also told investigators he'd asked her to move in with him and that they had started walking to her house to get her things when she suddenly ran off.

Charged with kidnapping and rape in that case, Walls pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault along with first-degree domestic battering for the assault on Rich in exchange for five years on probation in May 2019. He was required to register as a sex offender.

Seven months later, Walls was the target of a sexual assault investigation by Sherwood police after a woman who had befriended Walls, whom she knew from social media as Christopher Walker, told police he and a neighbor at the Arrow's Edge Apartments, 300 Indianhead Cove, had raped her.

The woman said Walls did not have a place to stay so she allowed him to spend the night at the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, court records show. The woman said she didn't know Walls well but he was able to get them all fentanyl, telling police she passed out after using the prescription pain reliever, court filings show.

She said she woke up with her pants down with Walls performing oral sex, persisting even when she told him no several times. The woman said Walls later groped her after her boyfriend left, despite her telling him no.

The woman said that after Walls raped her, a neighbor, 34-year-old Fredrick Bryon Robinson, came over and, after speaking with Walls, Robinson and Walls raped her together while she cried and begged them to stop. The woman said she waited five days to tell police because she was afraid of Walls and Robinson, saying Robinson had threatened her if she told anyone what had happened.

Both men were charged, but Robinson has been a wanted fugitive since June when he failed to show up for court, records show.

On Jan. 26, Walls again came to the attention of police after a bruised and scratched 36-year-old woman showed up at the Arkansas Department of Transportation central office at 10324 Interstate 30 just before 1 p.m. looking for help, court records show. She told Little Rock police she'd been held against her will since the day before by a man she knew as Mike and had escaped.

The woman said she'd gone to Mike's apartment sometime between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. to buy marijuana and that he wouldn't let her go, raping her repeatedly over the next 26 hours. She said she got away by kicking him in the genitals and then running while he was doubled over in pain.

The woman directed police to his apartment at 9700 Baseline Road and showed investigators his picture on Facebook, which showed his name as "Mike Will," which turned out to be Walls.

Walls was not at the apartment when police arrived but was arrested the next day. He's been jailed ever since.

In a subsequent interview with detectives, Walls said the woman had contacted him to buy marijuana and he and a friend had picked her up and brought her to his apartment.

Walls told police the woman made sexual advances to him, and that they had consensual sex three or four times, stopping only because he began to suffer muscle spasms that made him think he was having a heart attack, according to police reports. He said the cramps were caused by thyroid cancer and were so incapacitating that the woman stayed with him to nurse him back to health.

Police reported Walls' description of how sick he was changed the more he talked, with him describing how he got a neighbor to buy him cigarettes and telling police he was also cleaning up in front of his apartment. Further, a neighbor who had seen him a couple of times during the time in question said he never appeared sick or in pain, police noted.

Court records show Walls' first felony conviction came in June 2000 when he was sentenced to three years on probation in exchange for pleading guilty to three counts of aggravated assault.

Print Headline: 10 years given for rape, sex assault


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