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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Pick best candidate | On working in Texas | Is honesty 'liberal'?

September 18, 2022 at 1:43 a.m.

Pick best candidate

I have read with interest the attributes of Chris Jones, who is a candidate for governor of Arkansas, and as a result, have given to his campaign fund. I've also looked for signs of leadership from the other candidate, Sarah Sanders, when she has aired her political ads or has been mentioned in the newspaper, and have consequently found no such signs.

The only thing Ms. Sanders has more of than Mr. Jones is campaign funds. But we should all remember: The person who has more funding is not necessarily the person who is best for the job. I believe this particular case confirms that theory.

I sincerely hope that a majority of our citizens will see this race for what it is: (a) one person who cares for Arkansans with a goal of raising our state's status in education, jobs, benefits and natural resources, and (b) a popularity game for the other candidate.

A side note apropos to this campaigning season is a bit from Reader's Digest, September 2022: From the Latin "candidare" we get the English words "candidate" (one seeking office) and "candid" (truthful), which I see in Mr. Jones. But Ms. Sanders reveals her lack of direction by using the lie of omission--not telling us anything of importance. (Her wanting to get rid of any type of taxes, instead of regulating them, would only leave our state bereft of needed income. We are not a state which has a great amount of monetary wealth.)

Please--forget the political parties. Let's vote for the candidate who will strive to make our state better in all areas!


North Little Rock

On working in Texas

Re story on Oxfam ranking of best states for workers: The insanity of listing a state ranking system and giving Texas a bottom work-state rank while giving Washington, Oregon and California top ranking is beyond belief to me.

In those western states, it seems taxes are sky-high, freedom of expression is limited and people are leaving much of that part of the world in droves with dissatisfaction. Government systems are breaking down and leading to high crime. There is a reason everyone wants to go to Texas to work.

The origin of the article about the Oxfam rankings appears to be the Dallas Morning News, which trashes its own state all of the time and mostly is not worth reading or reprinting.



Is honesty 'liberal'?

A recent letter to this newspaper discussed the writer's submission of a college paper written by a trusted friend. The professor deemed the paper written by a "socialist" and gave it a D grade. Your correspondent described the friend as being in line with "the liberal mainstream media," whatever that means, and having "radically liberal ideologies."

The writer doesn't seem to have any problems with three things. First, that his ethical standards were so low that he would claim the work of another student; second, that he was naïve enough to submit a paper he had not read; and third, that he attributed a bad grade to "socialist" content (perhaps the paper was poorly written).

His conclusion was that the friend had a great mind but it was focused in the wrong way. I ask: In what way is the mind of an unthinking plagiarist focused? It certainly isn't focused on honest and thoughtful study. Perhaps those concepts are too liberal.


Little Rock

Too extreme for state

I believe Republicans are too extreme to govern our state. Here's why:

Diabetics need, three times daily, expensive insulin. Democrats proposed legislation that would cap insulin at $35 a month. Every Arkansas Republican voted no, and insulin continues to sell at astronomical prices unless you are on Medicare. (Medicare for All, anyone?)

Democrats proposed free lunches for all schoolchildren; every Arkansas Republican voted no. Our state Legislature is equally cruel. Republicans didn't extend the free school lunch program and now parents must try to find $140 a month for each child in school for lunches. For all the children in Arkansas the cost of lunches would be about $422 million a year. But instead, the Republicans gave the millionaires and billionaires a state tax break to the tune of $500 million.

Soldiers who were affected by burn pits while serving our country need special medical help; Democrats proposed legislative help and every Arkansas Republican voted no. "Thank you for your service" is apparently just a meaningless slogan for Republicans.

President Biden proposed a $300 tax credit for each child in the household; Arkansas Republicans voted "no" along with every other Republican in Congress.

Republicans in our state have essentially banned abortion, forcing women to risk their lives to bear children that it seems Republicans want to starve after they are born.

Democrats are proving across the country that they can deliver the money and services that we ordinary Americans rely on. It's time to vote for the party that cares and will work to make everyone's life better.


Eureka Springs

Provoking violence?

Speaking on the U.S. Senate floor, it seems Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) suggested that it is time for a literal "call to arms" to fight against the pro-life movement.

I'm confused now because the mainstream media has assured me that all good Democrats don't own firearms, nor are they easily incited to violence. Remember the day you read this as I'm sure we'll be able to link her "informed plea" to a future murder or act of violence against either a Supreme Court justice or elected official from the other (bad) party.

I don't think Hawaii is sending us its "best people."


Little Rock

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