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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Today's political arena | Journalism at its best

September 19, 2022 at 3:49 a.m.

Today's political arena

Today it is obvious there are a host of problems--social, economic, and environmental--in our country, much less the remainder of the world, that need addressing. Many of these problems need to be addressed by the various levels of our government. From the physical appearance of a large portion of the people holding political offices today, as well as probably an equal number of people on the "other side of the fence," it is obvious they are members of the Silent Generation.

If one pays attention to the solutions being offered for our problems by many in today's political arena that resembles a gerontocracy, there is one conclusion that seems to be obvious. Age and intelligence do not necessarily have a positive correlation.

It appears a politician in a current political race in Arkansas does not have to be a member of the Silent Generation to take positions that make one wonder if they passed their kindergarten class. Perhaps one can feel they inherited the necessary qualifications to lead a multibillion-dollar organization that employs thousands, and being the "mouthpiece" for a president is equivalent to earning an advanced degree in state government and a multitude of years in managerial positions. One can only wonder.

There is one thing that seems certain about many currently engaged in politics. One can't fix stupid.



Journalism at its best

A shout-out to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for keeping the Pine Bluff Commercial in print and thereby more fully informing its readers. Evidence is the consistent high quality of the PBC's editorial page, illustrated recently by the choice of "IRS army fears baseless" by Jackie Calmes. Calmes is a veteran political observer whose facts, tone, and prose show journalism at its best.


Little Rock

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