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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Religious objections | Debt serious problem | The scary radical left

September 20, 2022 at 4:47 a.m.

Religious objections

Re the letter from Ruth M. Waldon on Saturday: I find her argument that individuals are being forced out of the military due to violation of their religious freedoms to be somewhat spurious.

As a retired Army soldier, I can tell you that all soldiers receive mandatory injections on a regular basis. If you refuse the covid injection on religious grounds, you should have also refused a host of other injections before this such as MMR, tetanus, flu, polio, and so forth. If you are leaving the country for overseas duty, you better believe you are going to be jabbed repeatedly.

If individuals are leaving the service because they are objecting to the covid vaccine based on religious grounds, somebody is not getting the whole story.



Debt serious problem

The U.S. federal government is deep in debt, over $30 trillion. That amount does not include debt owed by the 50 states and our territories. It also does not include monstrous unfunded liabilities related to Social Security or Medicare. Being in this situation is scary, inexcusable, unsustainable, and irresponsible. I believe we are one bad break from a crisis. This level of debt jeopardizes our country's future.

Neither major political party is doing anything serious to address this problem. The USA has served as the "good guys" in the world for decades. We have given trillions of dollars and other forms of aid, served as the free world's police force, supported other countries and helped deter threats. I know the USA is far from perfect, but the entire world needs us to be in a healthy financial position. We need to resolve this so we can continue to prosper. I do not want to dump this problem on our children and grandchildren.

Stating the problem is easy. The hard part is to actually begin taking concrete steps to lower our debt to a reasonable amount. If there were easy answers, everyone would agree to resolve this.

First, we must admit that this is a serious problem. Second, we must commit today to stop postponing action to address the problem.

I did not want to water down the message by suggesting potential solutions. I know we must have viable solutions. I believe many of you have great ideas and suggestions, and are waiting for an opportunity to chime in. Will anyone listen?



The scary radical left

Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her campaign promotion for governor urges Arkansans to "say no to Joe Biden and the Radical Left." Is she saying no to better highways, extended health care, lower drug prices, cleaner air and water, improved educational opportunities, advancing chip and American manufacturing?

Perhaps a more appropriate slogan would be: "Say yes to Sarah and the Reactionary Right." This would be more in line with keeping things as they are with the exception of lowering taxes mainly for the rich.


Little Rock

Votes actually matter

My grandmother used to tell me that "You can't have your cake and eat it too." It seems that Jamie Gates' recent letter suggests that Rep. French Hill can actually have it both ways. Mr. Hill can vote against funding measures and then he can "celebrate the victory" when the bill passed by the Democrats secures important programs for Arkansas communities such as the Connect Conway vision and many others. That is a hypocritical but neat trick.

If that trick continues to work, I imagine we will see Messieurs Hill, Cotton and Boozman smiling in front of a new bridge, a new port, a new road project, an airport improvement, a new water system, an improved sewer system and a new broadband communication system in rural Arkansas that they all voted against. We will likely also hear them brag about the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act that allows Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, invests in domestic energy production and manufacturing, extends health-care coverage for poor Arkansans, reduces harmful carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030, lowers health-care costs and increases much-needed support for IRS backlog and review, even though all three voted against this bill.

I agree with Mr. Gates that "good things are often paired with not-so-good things to get bills passed." However, no bills are passed if someone doesn't vote for them, and Hill, Cotton and Boozman didn't vote for them and deserve no credit. So "celebrate the victory," but be sure to thank President Biden and those who voted for these measures. Letters of support are nice, but votes actually matter.


North Little Rock

Limiting knowledge

I don't agree with banning books. I think it sends the wrong message. The best message you can give your children is that you trust them to make good decisions in all areas of their lives. They can't make the best decisions if they don't have all the relevant information.

It's not about children reading things that will "turn them gay or trans," it's about equipping them to have the information to understand and empathize with gay and trans people they will encounter in their lives. You can limit their knowledge of alternative lifestyles for a time, but you can't keep them from learning about different viewpoints on issues as they mature.

Our children are always going to form their own opinions on issues of importance, and the best way for that to happen is to be sure they have all the relevant information.


Little Rock

Idea that might work

Study the feasibility of diverting water from the Snake River to the Colorado River. Currently the river dumps into the Columbia and then to the Pacific.



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