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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The war in Ukraine | On valid justification | Much ado about flag

September 21, 2022 at 2:00 a.m.

The war in Ukraine

It is difficult to celebrate Peace Week in Arkansas knowing there is a war going on in Ukraine.

Yes, Ukraine has done a fantastic job in regaining territory. And now Vladimir Putin, to save face, is actually admitting things are not going as well as he had hoped and blame is placed on everyone around him. The situation looks worse because the "real war" can now start, the word Putin refused to use. He is not giving up. His original goal has not changed. He can now mobilize a million men and start calling it a war. Ukraine is already using all the man/woman power it has.

This past weekend Putin started using Iranian Shahed-136 Kamikaze drones, which explode when reaching their targets. These are now being used against civilians. This is one way he hopes to win the war.


Little Rock

On valid justification

In response to a letter Saturday by a Little Rock reader, there is a valid historical justification for requiring all military personnel to receive the covid vaccination. This requirement started during the Revolutionary War when George Washington required his troops to be given the smallpox vaccine via a process called variolation. This action may have resulted in the victory over the British.

The military has at least 17 vaccinations that are required according to where troops are deployed. The latest before covid was in 1998 when the anthrax vaccine was added. There were court cases over this addition that were overturned.

Saying that the soldiers have a religious objection to just one of the 17 vaccinations does not pass the believability test. If there is a passage in the Bible relating to the covid vaccine or any vaccine, please produce it. My guess is that the majority of the soldiers that have requested the religion exemption do not belong to any church that has vaccine objections in their written doctrine. Just saying your religion prohibits something without providing proof should never be considered as an excuse for anything.

A soldier who does not follow orders is probably not what the military needs to protect our country. The covid pandemic has killed millions worldwide and there are very few families that did not lose a loved one or had someone with serious illness. Why politics caused so many people to ignore science and thus cause needless death and suffering is beyond my comprehension.



Much ado about flag

In the Sept. 9 Democrat-Gazette I read that the Arkansas History Commission recently refused to approve a waiver to remove a Confederate flag from a display known as "Flags Over Fort Smith." Apparently the Arkansas History Commission is unaware of the historical fact that much of northwest Arkansas went with the Union during the American Civil War (apparently also known in Fort Smith as the War of Northern Aggression).


Little Rock

The changing climate

Everywhere we turn today we are bombarded with "climate change." We are told over and over that our way of life is the reason for the droughts, the excessive heat, the violent storms, the flooding and everything else. People are wreaking havoc with crazy rules and laws about what we can and cannot do, making millions with their schemes, all under the guise of saving the planet.

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe it is not our gas-powered vehicles that are causing "climate change" but the change in the "spiritual climate" that is causing the problems? We are trying to remove God out of our country, out of our lives. We no longer profess to be "one nation under God." We want anything that can remind us of him removed from public eye. We punish the innocent and the guilty go unpunished for their crimes. We rename a sin to make us feel better about the sin. We no longer cherish and protect our children. They have become a commodity to be exploited and murdered for profit (abortions; sex trafficking of children).

It seems we are criminalizing our police and heralding lawbreakers. We have people in our government who I believe are committing crimes that could be deemed as treasonous acts and trying to punish those that fight against their lawlessness. They have no problem with perpetuating lies and will do literally anything to stay in power. Our government is not only out of touch with the American people, but is so desperate it will do anything to stay in power.

When we turn our backs on God and what he stands for, he has no option but to withdraw his protecting hand. I truly believe what we are seeing in our "climate" is because of our sin against God. If we as a nation do not repent and turn back to him, it is only going to get worse. We can reach a point where there will be no turning back. Wake up, America! Stop believing the lies of the liberal media and those in the White House. The road they are leading us on can only end in our destruction.



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