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Benton County marriage licenses

by Terri OByrne | September 26, 2022 at 1:00 a.m.

Benton County

Sept. 15

Elijah Dale Anglin, 19, Pea Ridge, and Alexandra Espinosa, 26, Bentonville

Billy Easton Arnold, 25, and Elysia Leane Anderson, 24, both of Kansas, Okla.

Jakob Christopher Arnold, 20, and Ashley Rene Beebe, 21, both of Joplin, Mo.

Tyler Vincent Baxter, 28, and Alycia Lyn Price, 32, both of Rogers

Drew Aaron Dwyer, 25, and Sabryn Krska Beery, 24, both of Centerton

Dylan Thomas Farnum, 37, and Sarah LaNae Baker, 34, both of Gentry

Travis Lee Frickel, 40, and Kimberly Lyn Intlekofer, 32, both of Atkinson, Neb.

Levi Jack Green, 29, and Taylor Renee Schnare, 24, both of Claremore, Okla.

Michael Wallace Jennings, 44, Van Buren, and Margaret Anna Webb, 45, Lavaca

Logan Dean Lorence, 23, and Destinee Lynn Ross, 24, both of Broken Arrow, Okla.

Christopher Ashton Meyer, 27, and Taylor Brooke Thornbrugh, 26, both of Rogers

Sept. 16

Richard Brent Allen Jr., 27, and Roxana Hernandez, 38, both of Rogers

Eli Allenso, 21, and Emma Grace Janotka, 22, both of Springdale

Skyler Bleaux Barnes, 25, and Emily Francis Thompson, 24, both of Springdale

Kyle Christopher Bodnar, 36, Lincoln, and Elizabeth Kay Sprouse, 37, Fayetteville

Jerad Lee Clift, 37, and Lisa Marie LaBorde, 28, both of Erie, Kan.

Shawn Manley Cottongim, 43, and Adrienne Marie Putman, 42, both of Lowell

Michael Todd Culotta, 32, and Rose Marie Underhill, 24, both of Pea Ridge

Adolfo Enrique Guzman-Rosales, 19, and Danelle Bianca Rosalita Pollard, 19, both of Rogers

David Hubler, 46, and Elizabeth Silva, 40, both of Bentonville

Nicholas William Krizek, 27, and Colleen Rae O'Connor, 27, both of Wichita, Kan.

Kody Glade Lyle, 27, and Taylor Weed, 28, both of Savannah, Mo.

Landen Drake Manes, 19, and Kelsi Fae Crawford, 20, both of Lowell

Terrell Scott McFall Jr., 31, Rogers, and Ashley Ann LeFevre, 31, Centerton

Blake Colton McKinney, 28, and Chandler BoLou Curtis, 29, both of Harwood, Mo.

Jose Horacio Mejia Ruiz, 27, and Ingrid Elizabeth Torres, 26, both of Rogers

Jorge Orta Gracian, 49, and Abril Sagrario Martinez Rodriguez, 51, both of Rogers

Louis Glenn Owen, 60, and Shana Lynn Huard, 63, both of Claremore, Okla.

Kaitlin LeeAnne Powell, 27, and Emilyn Marie Sanders, 24, both of Bentonville

Matthew Paul Reinhardt, 30, and Shannon Nycole Stanley, 40, both of Sapulpa, Okla.

Agustin Rodriguez, 39, and Melissa Dawn Heinze, 41, both of Rogers

Kelly Nelson Seeley, 64, and Robyn Ann Chambers, 59, both of Centerton

Macario Trott-Magat Jr., 31, and Makayla Graham, 26, both of Rogers

Kristopher Don Vanderpool, 34, and Ellie Kohlene Dearring, 26, both of Bartlett, Kan.

Sean Melvin Williams, 32, and Ruffus Cordair Stelivan, 35, both of Siloam Springs

Richard Herbert Wright, 46, and Jennifer Renee Ball, 42, both of Seligman, Mo.

Sept. 19

Logan Alexander Blansett, 38, Springdale, and Brittany Alexandria MacAlister, 33, Pea Ridge

Jarod Michael Cole, 33, and Sarah Kristine Young, 32, both of Pea Ridge

Maxwell Christopher Davidson, 25, Lowell, and Courtney Elizabeth Guyll, 22, Rogers

Eric Peter Albert Day, 38, Bentonville, and Shuree Renea Carr, 33, Centerton

Michael Travis Downing, 31, and Morgan Elizabeth Murphy, 33, both of Rogers

Joshua Ryan Field, 27, and Dorothy Claire Torrans, 26, both of Centerton

Grayson Andrew Plumlee, 25, and Kaitlin Mikayla Smith, 24, both of Rogers

Zachary Andrew Rankin, 26, and Ansley Dawn Fox, 24, both of Rogers

Donna K. Robbins, 63, and Marian Frances Crowley, 75, both of Southwest City, Mo.

Miguel Angel Ruiz Roque, 30, and Jennishmar De Jesus Santiago, 22, both of Tulsa, Okla.

Sept. 20

Christian Rey Canlas, 25, and Madylin Elizabeth Davis, 25, both of Bentonville

Joshua Michael Clinger, 31, and Krystia Felicia Hartin, 34, both of Webb City, Mo.

Abraham Cortez III, 32, and Katelyn Elizabeth Bell, 29, both of Moundridge, Kan.

Leah Helen Mary Flees, 35, and Sandra Pearl Ellis, 30, both of Bella Vista

Terrel Graham Gordon, 27, and Savannah Ryann McCauley, 25, both of Lowell

Anna Kristina King, 34, and Jennifer Erin McGurk, 38, both of Centerton

Erwin Nahun Leon Castellanos, 32, and Jackelyn Regalado Pineda, 22, both of Rogers

Timmy Alan Miller, 41, and Sarah Malee Addison, 30, both of Rogers

Javin Ray Sharp, 31, and Mayra Roselia Navarrete-Patricio, 25, both of Rogers

Tyler Wayne Smallwood, 30, Gentry, and Brittany Diane Schooley, 30, Pea Ridge

Zachary Adam Troxell, 35, and Caitlin Anne Housiaux, 30, both of Bella Vista

Sept. 21

Parker Jeremiah Bradford, 28, and Gloria Michelle Echevarria, 26, both of Bentonville

Ty Allan Bridges, 23, Hamlin, Texas, and Trinity Marie Lindsey, 21, Gentry

Kylar Garrett Eagle, 22, and Paige Nicole Smith, 20, both of Bella Vista

Bryan Andrew Lopez, 18, and Rachel Lyne Harris, 18, both of Bentonville

Kyle Shannon McClelland, 29, and Deborah Lynne Collins, 28, both of Bentonville

Hoang Dang Nguyen, 30, and Phuong Diep Mai, 27, both of Lowell

Luis Fernando Reyes Garcia, 28, and Veronica Caballero, 23, both of Springdale

Siddharth Sinha, 41, and Sarah Anne Kelsey, 42, both of Fort Worth, Texas

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