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Other days

by The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette | September 27, 2022 at 4:48 a.m.

100 years ago

Sept. 27, 1922

In pursuance with the provisions of the preliminary permit which was issued to the Caddo River Power and Irrigation Company ... the commission has authorized issuance of a license to the company, it was announced today. The license covers construction and inspection of two dams on the Ouachita river in the vicinity of Hot Springs, Ark., the upper of which will flood land within the Arkansas National Forest. It is proposed to start construction on the lower dam as soon as preliminary investigation work is completed. The dam will be about 136 feet high and will create a reservoir 20 miles long, having an available capacity of 140,000 acre feet. The upper dam will be approximately 368,000 acre feet. It is proposed to install 30,000 horsepower of hydro-electric power generators in each of the powerhouses to be built at the dams.

50 years ago

Sept. 27, 1972

• Officials of the state Parks and Tourism Department Tuesday outlined plans to local government leaders for a 1,356-acre state park around Pinnacle Mountain west of Little Rock. They revealed a letter from the area director of the federal Housing and Urban Development Department almost guaranteeing federal matching funds for acquiring and developing the park. ... [Area Hud Director Thomas E. Barber of Little Rock] said the Pinnacle Mountain park would be the first bona fide "urban shaper" application received by HUD.

25 years ago

Sept. 27, 1997

• A member of the advisory board for President Clinton's Initiative on Race urged black and white parents Friday to send their children to the same schools. William F. Winter, who was Mississippi governor from 1980-84, said he was disappointed to see public schools becoming more segregated since mandatory busing began in the 1970s. ... Winter said desegregated student bodies enhance civic values and that racially diverse schools promote racial tolerance. ... Winter's remarks come at a time of national debate about whether one-race schools are acceptable as long as children are getting the best education possible. Locally, the Little Rock School District has proposed overhauling its desegregation plan. The proposal includes redesigning attendance zones so students can attend neighborhood schools in 1998-99 and relaxing racial balance requirements.

10 years ago

Sept. 27, 2012

• State Auditor Charlie Daniels is trying to find the owners of $178 million in unclaimed property. He launched the annual Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt on Wednesday. It involved printing the names of 682,443 property owners in newspapers, including in today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and drawing attention to the unclaimed funds. ... Companies that hold property considered abandoned must turn it over to the state auditor by Nov. 1 each year under Arkansas Code Annotated 18-28-209. Before the law was passed in 1979, banks and financial institutions would keep unclaimed money or items.

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