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100 years ago

April 26, 1923

WASHINGTON, D.C., -- Nearly half a million dollars has been allotted by Secretary of War Weeks for river and harbor work on projects in Arkansas, it was announced by the War Department today. The allotment is made from the lump sum appropriation made by Congress for this work for the next fiscal year, beginning July 1. By far the largest amount to be spent in Arkansas was allotted to the Ouachita and Black rivers. Part of the sum will be expended on the streams across the border in Louisiana. The amount, $400,000, however, goes for continuing work on the locks and dams near Camden, on the old project of making the Ouachita navigable to that city.

50 years ago

April 26, 1973

The Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission Tuesday approved plans for a computerized electronic sign, to be located at West Markham Street and Broadway, to serve as a "super marquee" for the new convention center. The sign would be financed by revenues from advertising messages the board would carry. It will not be built unless sufficient advertising revenue can be obtained. The Commission's approval of the plans gave the Little Rock Convention Bureau the approval to seek advertising. The sign would have two sides, one facing West Markham and one facing Broadway. Each side would be eight feet tall, 30 feet long and four feet thick. The whole assembly would be mounted on a 20-foot aluminum pedestal.

25 years ago

April 26, 1998

More than 400 volunteers from 45 counties gathered at the Arkansas' Promise summit in Little Rock this weekend with a goal of reducing the number of children at risk in the state, officials said. The volunteers attended meetings downtown that began Friday afternoon and end at noon today to strengthen and expand programs that target youth who lack parental and community support, said Becky Kossover, director of the Division of Volunteer Services within the state Department of Human Services. "What we hope to do is inspire these delegates ... and equip them with the materials that they can go back to their own communities and assess what resources they have," Kossover said. "So that they can say, 'OK, what needs to happen in this community?'" The state summit comes a year after the President's Summit for America's Future in Philadelphia that called on individual and corporate volunteers to mentor, protect, nurture, teach and serve children at risk. Arkansas' Promise hopes to answer the national challenge by reaching 20,000 Arkansas children by 2000.

10 years ago

April 26, 2013

The four-star-rated Peabody Little Rock hotel will become a Marriott on Wednesday, Gretchen Hall, chief executive officer of the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau, said Thursday. Hall also said that the ducks -- the Peabody's signature brand -- will take their last march in Little Rock within the next week. She said the ducks will move out by Wednesday, but she said she does not know where they will go or the exact date of their last waddle through the lobby.