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Stewart McPherson , leading some 200 young naturalists on a voyage to retrace Charles Darwin’s 1831 journey that led to the theory of evolution, said the trip is about hope and the future as the Dutch schooner Oosterschelde set sail from Plymouth, England.

Regan Hawthorne, the son of a Navajo Code Talker and the CEO of a fledgling New Mexico museum dedicated to the World War II military unit, says the project is struggling after reports that it’s short about $40 million.

Katie Rinderle saw a panel of retired teachers reject a recommendation to fire her after she was accused of improperly reading “My Shadow Is Purple,” a book on gender fluidity, to fifth graders, but Georgia’s Cobb County School Board has the final say.

Kevin McClure , an Oklahoma assistant attorney general, says attorneys for the last three survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre have failed to outline a clearly identifiable claim for relief as the state appeals a court’s dismissal of its reparations challenge.

John Bel Edwards, Louisiana’s governor, faces a decision on commuting the life term of Tiffany Woods after the pardon board recommended her release from a sentence imposed for the 2005 death of her malnourished infant who was given cow’s milk instead of formula.

Matthew Thomas Krol is “very remorseful” for getting caught up in the crowd for “less than a minute” at the Jan. 6 Capitol riot when he stole an officer’s baton and used it to beat other lawmen, his attorney said at the Michigan man’s guilty plea.

Gordon Hunter Pedersen was arrested at a Utah gas station three years after authorities say he fled prosecution connected to the promotion of fraudulent silver-based covid-19 cures that generated about $2 million in sales.

Maria da Graça Xuxa Meneghel, Brazil’s biggest television star in the 1980s and ’90s who calls herself “a Barbie of that time” with blond hair, blue eyes and a pink spaceship, now says she regrets promoting such a standard of beauty in a majority Black society, saying, “God, what trauma I put in the heads of some children.” 

John A. Donnelly Sr. , Washington, D.C.’s fire chief, said heroic actions of employees at a dog kennel saved some 20 canines after a flash flood filled the building with about 6 feet of water, but 10 pets perished in what he called “a terrible thing.”