TOOLS & TOYS: Commander and Vision Bee Cups

Commander and Vision Bee Cups
Commander and Vision Bee Cups

Vision Bee Cups

What's to love: These artist-designed cups provide water for bees and other pollinators without providing enough water for mosquitoes to breed.

What does it do: The hand-made porcelain cups have a pointed end and can be placed into garden soil or an outdoor plant container and offer bees a safe place to get water. They have a ceramic glaze that reacts to ultra-violet rays and while clear to humans it appears a bright pink to pollinators. The cups come in a variety of colors and prices start at $20 for a pack of three. For more information, visit bee-cups.com.


What's to Love: A great three-in-one tool for fire-pits and campfires.

What does it do: Made by Pit Command, the 30-inch-long tool helps build, control and maintain outdoor fires. A chopping end allows for breaking burning firewood into smaller pieces, a serrated hook helps pull and roll larger logs and a poker helps position the firewood. The stainless-steel tool is built in Pennsylvania and has a molded grip handle. The Commander sells for $149. Visit pitcommand.com for more information.

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