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Wolves, public lands

As this administration continues to ignore the majority of this country and the rest of the world watches in disgust, this keystone species is being driven to extinction. States like Montana, Wyoming and Idaho spew their lies claiming they are "managing" wolves based on science. What scientists would back night-hunting, baiting, aerial hunting, trapping, snaring or using Judas wolves to kill more and more wolves? None. No scientist or decent human being would support this slaughter.

This administration was voted in by the environmental/wildlife ticket, and no action has been taken to protect these wolves. This office continues to thumb their noses at us while catering to the ones responsible for this bloodbath.

The voters will not forget.


Hot Springs

So much to unpack

Where do I begin? OK ... here we go:

Baylor coach Scott Drew exclaimed, "I want to thank God that last shot didn't go in." So, do we assume that God has something against Joseph Pinion, the Razorbacks, or Arkansas? One might think we are being punished for the questionable actions of our Legislature "in the name of God."

Speaking of God: Seriously, I thank God for Gwen Faulkenberry and her weekly column. If I start to question my faith, she is there to reassure me. I wish she could lead our Department of Education. We surely don't need Florida telling us how to do things. Thank you, Gwen.

Speaking of education ... like Mr. John Brummett, I noted that our governor excluded history from her education priorities. I guess we can save money by getting rid of history teachers and textbooks. (Who needs to know about that "old stuff," anyway?) Similarly, we seem to have an aversion to science (climate change, pandemics, etc.) lately. There's another place to save money. And don't get me started on grammar. I can imagine what some of these homeschooled students are learning.

Speaking of guns ... (I know. But it makes a good segue.) Thanks to Dana Kelley for reminding us, again, that "Guns don't cause crime, lawbreakers cause crime." However, lawbreakers with high-capacity semiautomatic AR-15-style guns cause much more vicious, heinous, destructive, and deadly crime than lawbreakers without guns.

Finally ... woke. Just ... woke! Only because I missed the word in Professor Bradley Gitz's column Monday morning.


Little Rock

Missing something?

I must be missing something relating to the debt ceiling. I originally thought that it was a simple concept, but it must be complicated because the liberals in charge apparently don't understand it either. Let me explain my simple thinking. The debt ceiling is raised to permit more borrowing. Borrowing is necessary to be able to pay the bills. The budget shortfalls are incurred because you either over-spent or budgeted a deficit. It is unlikely that it was due to a revenue shortfall. The national debt goes up and is caused by raising the debt ceiling permitting more spending. The national debt also goes up because we are only paying the interest. Spending goes up because of useless and wasteful earmarks by both parties as payback for "favors" (donations, etc.). A balanced budget will not accomplish anything when you deliberately over-spend. If I am wrong about all this, will someone please enlighten me?

The debt has increased under the last several presidents, the most by Barack Obama. Roger Webb attempted to justify raising the ceiling in a recent letter to Voices. Mr. ("Deer-in-the-headlights") Paul Krugman, economist, also tried to minimize the harm of raising the ceiling, as have many others. Mr. Krugman must have jumped straight to advanced courses and skipped basic economics and idiot math. Obviously, the answer is to raise taxes or carve out the pork from our spending. Fuzzy math or double-talk won't change that. I can prove that two equals one with algebra, but the fallacy is hard to see.

I have become increasingly disenchanted with both political parties as I am a fiscal conservative, always have been and always will be. The infighting and obstruction are disgusting. I bit my tongue, held my breath and even voted for two Democrats in the last election. Both were much more qualified than their opponents. I am also dismayed at the new speaker appointing George Santos to important committees and that Republican voters of New York have not held an immediate recall election for the serial liar.

Deus existo nobis.



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