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Nobody knows nuthin’ February 1, 2023 at 4:11 a.m.

Apparently--and only apparently because we don't know nuthin'--drones were seen flying over some sort of defense/weapons plant in Iran the other day. Then, smack out of nowhere, the drones dropped bombs and half-ruined the plant.

That's a tough neighborhood.

The plant wasn't along an international border. It was in central Iran, as if it needed all the buffer it could get. Which turned out not to be enough. Shame.

Defense officials in Iran don't say (for the record) who they blame. But the damaged plant is apparently--and we only say apparently because we don't know nuthin'--where the Iranians have something called the Nuclear Fuel Research and Production Center. Double shame.

All the years of empty talk by Western diplomats, negotiators and other distinguished do-nothings have failed to stop Iran on its march to a nuclear device. Too many Western "leaders" mistake words for action. But all the talk out of Washington and the UN seldom affects the mullahs running Persia these days. Instead, they hope the debate drags out, because it gains them time.

In contrast, take the country that controlled the drones. That particular country takes action. Because it has to.

Which country? Apparently a small one nearby. But we say apparently because nobody knows nuthin'.

Except Western journalist types. Who keep quoting Western spooks about which country is suspected. Our advice to all of them: Shhhhh.

Oh, sure, the mullahs have their suspicions. But why help them, even if a little? Why give them PR fodder? Or another reason to threaten to wipe a nation off the map?

Speaking of the mullahs, they tell the ever-eager Western press corps that the drones caused only minor damage to a roof. Nothing more. More reliable sources say there were "large explosions" at the plant, and the attack caused major destruction. The Jerusalem Post says Iran has "intensified its threats" against Israel following the bombing.

Goodness knows why. (What does Israel have to do with anything?)

The Israeli government modestly doesn't take credit for any of this.

When it comes to Iran, diplomacy doesn't work. Sanctions don't work. Engagement doesn't work. Talking nice doesn't work.

What does work is taking away their ability to proceed with weapons and nuclear development. Sometimes that takes a computer virus, or a "worm," that destroys from within. Sometimes that takes turning a plant into kindling. It takes action.

Maybe the same folks who were behind the drone attacks are behind all these "accidents" that keep happening at Iranian weapons research plants. If so, bless them. They give the civilized world a chance to breathe easy for another year.

Let's wish them more luck in the coming years. Whoever they are.

Print Headline: Shhhh …


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