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OPINION | A WORD: Can you guess today’s word, Arkansas?

by Celia Storey | February 6, 2023 at 2:34 a.m.
Democrat-Gazette photo illustration/Celia Storey

Let's play a game of Obfuscation.

Your job is to spot the easy, common word that fulfills these definitions. My job is to state the definitions in a way that makes you doubt your answer.

Today's word contains five letters. It's a noun or adverb, but the noun's possessive form can be an adjective, too. In the past, such adjectival use was considered informal, but now the adjective's used by the high and the low.

Another change befell this word during the 20th century: It lost a hyphen that had been part of its standard spelling during the 19th century, when dictionary editors hyphenated a common prepositional phrase that had appeared as two words in Samuel Johnson's dictionary in 1755.

? ... ? ... ? ... ? ... ?

The word means ...

 ◼️ Nowadays.

 ◼️ In the current era.

Dec. 30's word was "forgive." I'll print today's answer Feb. 13, but feel free to email sooner if you'd like to know now.


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