Showrooms to display Ark.-made electric vehicles

The Envirotech Vehicles Inc logo courtesy of EVT.

Envirotech Vehicles Inc. of Osceola announced Wednesday it will supply one of each type of electric vehicle it manufactures every year to another Arkansas-based company, Strategic EV Solutions, to feature the vehicles in showrooms in eight states from Texas to Florida.

Envirotech will provide trucks, logistics vans, cutaway vans and right-handed drive vehicles for showrooms in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida in the partnership with Strategic EV, which is an affiliate of Curtis Stout.

"Finding the most impactful go-to-market partners when selling EVs is critical to the success of a company as it looks to scale up," Phillip Oldridge, chief executive officer of Envirotech, said in announcing the agreement. Strategic EV, Oldridge said, "has developed a wide network across the Mid-south that we plan to tap into to get our vehicles on the road in these markets."

Strategic EV Solutions plans to establish dealerships in all 50 states.

"With our companies based in Arkansas, Curtis Stout and Strategic EV Solutions are proud to team up with an organization that is committed to manufacturing in our home state," said Ron Smith, president and Chief Executive Officer of Curtis Stout.