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Another scare tactic

Well, that didn't take long.

Almost as soon as Sarah Sanders was sworn in, she made sure that critical race theory wouldn't be taught in our schools. What she failed to say is that CRT is a college course that has never been taught in any primary or secondary school in Arkansas. It's just code for the GOP to scare people about "indoctrination of our kids." That phrase alone is another scare tactic by the GOP.

It's such hogwash.

I worry about our children being taught to hate others and not learning our nation's real history because the powers that be are afraid their kids might feel bad about the way we treated slaves and indigenous American Indians. And this was only her first week. Sigh ...


North Little Rock

Ignorance continues

Re Sarah Sanders: Fresh into office and the only thing significant to do was to continue the pattern of ignorance.

If you want to know why Arkansas remains almost always last in education, health care, standard of living and ethics, you have only to look at the leadership. Dark money can buy a governorship, but it cannot buy integrity or class.

When the most important item of official business is to change names and eliminate critical race theory because you are afraid white children will learn the other side of history, it only proves the academic study is no theory. This absence of learning another perspective speaks volumes about not understanding what knowledge truly is. Black people don't have to read about how we are treated; we live it.

But who really expects truth and sensibility nowadays? We now have Donald Trump, George Santos, Fox News, and the entire Republican regime leading the way.

As the African proverb states, until the lion tells the story, the hunter will always be the hero. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has just proven she is no hero. She is just signing papers and continuing her legacy of lies, and did absolutely nothing to earn being a governor of anything. Arkansas just elected exactly what it is entitled to. The same old nothing.


Little Rock

She's on banning roll

Sarah Sanders, apparently another pathological liar the likes of Donald Trump and George Santos, who happens to be the governor of the great state of Arkansas, likes to ban things. She banned the term Latinx, and the teaching of CRT (by the way, not taught in Arkansas). What's next?

She's on a roll. Ban all seemingly offensive language. I can help her with that! The n-word, honky, etc. While she's at it, how about banning snakes, goats and small print? They all offend me.



Dark Ages here, now

While the new Arkansas governor delineates her version of a rigid theocracy in Arkansas, particularly in public schools and libraries, it is reasonable to interpret her desires as those of a governor who hopes to delude Arkansans into a contemporary Dark Ages.

Her words have become a battle line gouged into the soil of our state, a demarcation pitting imagined "good people" against an imagined evil, a "them" Sarah Huckabee Sanders means to slay.

She has quickly defined her intended time in office as one on par with a mythology where she envisions herself as an Arkansas archetype of purity straight out of Grimms' Fairy Tales.

Her own words conjure up the image of a governor sitting on a donkey, holding a lance, facing a windmill.

Sadly, in her world, teachers are suspect. Some are enemies, particularly the ones who mistakenly teach facts not aligned with the belief that humankind hunted dinosaurs into extinction, the universe was created last week, and humankind emerged three winters ago.

Not an inclusive word has been uttered by the governor, as she has set about defining what places "them" over there, and the good people like "us" over here where we are bathed in the waters of ignorance and bliss and a purity of thought, with no place for diversity, for curiosity, for science, for philosophy, for great literature, and certainly not for a meaningful life expanded and enriched through inclusion.

Tragically, the governor's own mythology will likely validate narratives about a backward Arkansas, a place where we want to think twice before moving our business to Arkansas and placing our children in schools where diversity dies, where curiosity is squelched, where teachers are the enemies, and where a governor is out in the wilderness looking for a windmill to slay.



Neither has my vote

In Joe Finley's letter he ponders the question as to whether people who consider themselves registered Republicans would vote for Joe Biden if the choice was Biden or Donald Trump. You must be talking to me, man.

To answer your question bluntly: Hell, no. I hope Trump isn't the Republican candidate. I do not like the man. Recently when referring to Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin, Trump said his name sounds Chinese to him. He has a history of talking down to people. Enough to turn anybody off.

But I would vote for a rattlesnake before I would vote for Biden. And there is not enough space here to list my reasons why.


Little Rock