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OPINION | A WORD: Can you spot the word hiding behind its definitions, Arkansas?

by Celia Storey | January 23, 2023 at 2:09 a.m.
Democrat-Gazette photo illustration/Celia Storey

Will you recognize the word described by all these definitions?

Let's play.

Today's word contains six letters and can be a verb or noun. It's a common word, but some rules associated with its application are not easy to understand. The first known English use of today's word is from 1529.

? ... ? ... ? ... ? ... ? ... ?

The word means ...

◼️ To ascribe an action to a person or thing as its agent, source or explanation.

◼️ To trust in the truth of.

◼️ Recognition by a school or college that a student has fulfilled a requirement in a degree program.

◼️ A source of honor.

◼️ An amount placed at a trusted person's disposal by a bank.

◼️ Assent to the truth of a report or story.

◼️ A deduction from an amount owed.

◼️ Financial trustworthiness.

Our Jan. 16 word was "house." I'll print today's answer Jan. 30, but feel free to email if you'd like to know today.


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