OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Politicizing science | On education reform | Makes state look bad

Politicizing science

Concerning the governor's support of the anti-masking law, I wonder if Gov. Sarah Sanders would allow a surgeon to operate on her without a mask. Wearing a mask to reduce the danger of infection is a well-established medical protocol and not a left-wing liberal agenda.

When the next pandemic hits, and there will be another one, why would anyone want to tie the hands of our officials as they work rapidly to bring things under control? We have no way to know in advance the mechanism by which the next pandemic will spread, and our leaders need all the tools in their toolbox to fight it.

The politicization of science creates a terribly slippery slope and, in this example, it may lead to unnecessary deaths in Arkansas in a future pandemic. Is it really possible to be pro-life and pro-death at the same time?


Hot Springs

On education reform

Our new governor's plan to use the tax money that I pay for public schools and give it to private schools is a really bad idea. I pay taxes to make public education available to the children of Arkansas. If someone wishes their child to go to a private school, that is their choice and responsibility. Not mine.

It is a responsibility of all of us taxpayers to contribute to public education. So if a taxpayer chooses private education, that is on them. They still need to contribute to the public good. Any tax money going to a religious-based school could be construed as endorsing a religion, which is a no-no according to the Constitution.

Her other ideas on supposedly reforming education seem to really be non-education. This is the reason politicians should stay out of education. Her definition of indoctrination is interesting; maybe she should look in a dictionary (unless it has been banned) and compare that definition against what churches do.



Makes state look bad

In regards to the front-page article Thursday about the defense lawyer's statement describing "Bigo" Barnett's actions as, "He's like the crazy redneck from Arkansas who's barking at the moon," it causes me to wonder how many generations it will take for we Arkansans to live down comments such as this about our great state.

I, for one, am a proud and grateful Arkansan. Thank God for Arkansas.


Fairfield Bay

The time seems ripe

If you are a Republican contemplating a run for political office, I say, "Go for it!"

The bar seems to be quite low of late.


Little Rock

Consequences come

Richard "Bigo" Barnett is a real character. Some would say he's a "bigo" character. It seems Richard broke into the Capitol and put his "bigo" boots on a desk in Nancy Pelosi's office. He claimed he was merely looking for the bathroom, which of course is a "bigo" lie. Sure, he only took that envelope because it was a biohazard due to the blood on it, but then left a bloody quarter to pay for it. Another "bigo" lie.

And just for good measure he wrote her a note calling her a "bi-otch." Evidently Richard has a "bigo" spelling problem. Afterwards while being interviewed by the FBI, Richard grinned a "bigo" grin and said he was a smart man. That is the "bigoest" whopper of them all.

Mr. Barnett has some clever lawyers and God knows who's paying for them. They portray Richard as a redneck "crazy uncle" and that all people from Arkansas act that way when they are in a big city. Being a native Arkansan, I take a "bigo" exception to that (and so does my nephew). I may be an uncle from Arkansas, but I don't recall ever breaking into the Capitol with a stun gun, yelling at police and putting my "bigo" boots on anyone's desk.

In my opinion, Richard Barnett is a liar and a phony. If he really believes he was doing his patriotic duty, he would own up to his actions instead of impishly lying and trying to weasel out of his predicament. Lie, pretend, deny, all with a "bigo" smirk on your face. It looks like Richard is heading for a "bigo" jail sentence in a little ol' cell.

It is easy to be a tough guy running through the Capitol, but not so easy in front of a judge. Good luck and good riddance, fool.


Little Rock

Kroger prescriptions

I was recently informed that Kroger pharmacies are no longer accepting Tricare, the military health insurance program. I do not know the exact reason for this, but I am assuming it has to do with the low reimbursement levels Tricare pays.

Tricare is probably just trying to negotiate the best contract possible and I am sure Kroger is just trying to make money instead of lose money on filling prescriptions. I am not blaming Kroger or Tricare; however, something has gone horribly wrong in this country when apparently a non-citizen can walk across the border and be given everything needed for free but a retired military veteran cannot get a simple prescription filled at a local Kroger while shopping for groceries.


Little Rock

Found a piggy bank

Judging from Gov. Sarah Sanders' behavior at the Liberty Bowl, I thought maybe she had come back to Arkansas to support the Hogs.

I guess I had the wrong pig. It now appears that she came back to tap into the state government's piggy bank for the benefit of her friends.