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Feed schoolchildren

Wouldn't it be nice if our new governor would make school lunches free so our kiddos in Arkansas don't come to school hungry? If you want to make a difference in our state, Governor, prove to us you want to help Arkansas ... do it. Feed our children!


North Little Rock

The bias is showing

On Monday, I pulled up the Democrat-Gazette and saw the lead story: "Harris ties civil rights struggles to abortion." This article continued on page 3A. On page 3A, another pro-abortion article appeared: "Abortion rights rallies sweep U.S." The words on page 3A plus a picture of a pro-abortion rally in Wisconsin fill the page. It appears to me that pro-abortion activities got significant coverage.

Contrast this coverage with one relatively brief article about the March for Life in Little Rock below the fold on page 1B. The article was extremely brief relative to the coverage mentioned in my preceding paragraph. Within this article's continuance on page 3B, one of three half-page columns was coverage of Emily Wales, an officer of Planned Parenthood Great Plains.

By the way, if the Democrat-Gazette wants to use the excuse that the Little Rock March is Arkansas news and belongs on the Arkansas page (1B), let me point out that a local (Little Rock) article appears on page 1A. Therefore, that excuse is unsupportable.

Anyone able to see the coverage I have mentioned above would validly conclude that the coverage of pro-abortion was multiple times greater than the coverage of pro-life.

What to conclude? In my opinion, the imbalance of the coverage described above indicates the pro-abortion bias of the Democrat-Gazette and, apparently, certain of its journalists.


North Little Rock

Essential difference

What's the difference between Ukraine soldiers and Russian soldiers? Seems to me that Ukraine soldiers attack Russian soldiers. Russian soldiers attack Ukraine citizens.

For shame, but I can't image that Vladimir Putin will ever stop short of victory (Putin is too well-protected for a coup), and rarely is a victor prosecuted for war crimes.


Little Rock

Unsustainable idea

As the old saying goes, "The only time the Legislature can do anything to harm you is when they are in session."

Now they are proposing large raises for themselves along with all constitutional offices. In their omniscience, they believe that all of the recent excesses of state income, and the large fiscal surplus for fiscal year 2021 came from instituting their wonderful laws and policies. Well, the real reason the state is taking in such huge balances is because the lowly citizen is paying higher and higher prices for goods and services due to unbearable inflation. These large surpluses come from increased tax income on huge inflationary costs.

Hopefully, prices will one day come back to a reasonable level. Guess how these increases in state salaries and increased cost of government will be funded then? Increased taxes, probably. The highly exalted Gov. Sarah Sanders will then have to deal with reality. Hopefully, the lowly citizen will begin to live affordably again and someone with a sense of reality will know these increases are not sustainable.



When the adults talk

The subject of the Men's Coffee was the handling of classified material by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump. There was a sense that they should all be held accountable, if only to find out the circumstances. Reasons offered for their missteps were being uninformed of processes, forgetful, a sense of entitlement, hubris, overburdened ...

The likelihood that they were not alone was considered certain. Also certain was that the Republican-led investigation of the issue would focus on Biden, taking up time and money while grandstanding to the far-right base. Fixing things was not an objective.

The general conclusion was that rather than try to show Biden in the worst possible light, it would be more useful to determine the factors that contributed to the debacle and establish corrective protocols. This would involve analyzing the actions of all three: Clinton, Biden, and Trump; as well as their staffs in a constructive manner. Lots of luck on that.


Little Rock

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