Bentonville man accused of stealing woman’s keys from courtroom, then her car

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BENTONVILLE -- A Bentonville man is suspected of stealing a woman's key in a courtroom and then stealing her car.

Chase Packwood, 26, was arrested Monday in connection with theft of motor vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of firearm by certain persons, and possession of a controlled substance. Prosecutors have not filed any formal charges against him.

He was being held Wednesday in the Benton County Jail on a $150,000 bond.

Packwood was on Monday's criminal docket for Benton County Circuit Judge Robin Green. Packwood never appeared in front of the judge. He left the courthouse before his case was even called.

Sarah Gordon, 44, of Illinois was also in court for a criminal case.

Gordon reported her keys and car were missing. Her purse and identification were in her vehicle since large purses can't be brought into the courthouse. She filed a report with the Benton County sheriff's deputies assigned to the courthouse.

Deputies later apprehended Packwood and a deputy took Gordon to her vehicle while Packwood was taken to the Benton County Jail.

Gordon did appear before the judge before her car was recovered.

Gordon told her she came from Illinois.

Green apologized to Gordon for someone from her court stealing the car. She said Gordon had driven 350 miles to court.

Gordon did not appear for a scheduled court appearance in February. Green quashed the warrant for Gordon's arrest for failure to appear.

"At least something good happened to you today since your car was taken," Green said.

Green told Gordon she hoped her car would be recovered soon and she wished Gordon safe travels.

Packwood may face an additional felony charge since the judge ordered a warrant be issued for Packwood's arrest after his failure to appear in court.

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