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Super Quiz: World Geography

March 18, 2023 at 1:31 a.m.

1. Which mountain range runs over 5,000 miles in South America?

2. In which province of Canada is the Calgary Stampede held?

3. This Mediterranean island is shared by Greeks and Turks.

4. Pyongyang is this country's capital city.

5. For what did the abbreviation U.S.S.R. stand?

6. Which two countries share the island of Hispaniola?

7. The four-letter name of this island is also the name of a programming language.

8. This island in the Indian Ocean is the second-largest island country.

9. These mountains form part of the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia.


1. Andes

2. Alberta

3. Cyprus

4. North Korea

5. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

6. The Dominican Republic and Haiti

7. Java

8. Madagascar

9. Urals

Print Headline: Super Quiz: World Geography


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