Webinar for agriculture, food law students set

Ebony Woodruff

When it comes to giving career advice, Ebony Woodruff -- former legislator, consul, Master Gardener and the speaker for the March 29 "Growing Careers" webinar for law students -- has a lot to offer.

The webinar, presented by the National Agricultural Law Center and the American Agricultural Law Association, is geared toward providing career and professional advice for law students interested in agricultural and food law. It will begin at 11 a.m. March 29. Registration is available at https://nationalaglawcenter.org/webinars/woodruff/.

"Ebony's fascinating career journey has taken her across the hemisphere, showing that truly, food and ag law careers have no borders," said NALC Director Harrison Pittman.

The "Growing Careers" series is a part of the NALC's Bridges Initiative, which is a student-focused, public-private partnership that offers professional development, networking, and increased legal knowledge to pre-college, undergraduate, and law students interested in agricultural and food law issues and careers.

"Webinars in our 'Growing Careers' series are an excellent opportunity for students to listen to advice from talented legal professionals," Pittman said. "Ebony has a fascinating background and her work is top notch, so webinar attendees will greatly benefit from the experiences she shares and the practical professional advice given."

Opportunities abound, according to spokesmen.

"There are many career possibilities for law students who have an interest in ag and food law," Woodruff said. "I'm looking forward to sharing a bit of my story and offering advice to these students while they are in such an exciting time in their lives. The NALC's Bridges Initiative is a great way to encourage these students who are interested in careers in ag and food law."

Woodruff is a former Louisiana state representative.

"She has more than a decade of experience as a legal entrepreneur and practicing attorney. She earned a Master of Laws in Agricultural and Food Law from the University of Arkansas School of Law, a Juris Doctor from the Southern University Law Center, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Louisiana State University," according to https://www.ebonywoodruff.com/.

The partnership between NALC and AALA is designed to create and sustain agriculture and food law-oriented student associations at law schools across the country.

"AALA is proud to be a partner with the NALC on the 'Growing Careers' webinars for law students," said Austin Vincent, co-chair for the AALA Students and Young Professionals Outreach Committee. "The partnership between the NALC and AALA benefits law students across the country. These programs are an excellent way to foster connections with those interested in the ag and food law field, as well as share knowledge and expertise on topics important to law students."

For information about the American Agricultural Law Association, visit aglaw-assn.org. For information about the National Agricultural Law Center, visit nationalaglawcenter.org.

The National Agricultural Law Center is a unit of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and works in close partnership with the USDA Agricultural Research Service, National Agricultural Library.