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Nante Niemi, an 8-year-old Wisconsin boy who spent two days lost in a Michigan park, discussed his ordeal on "Good Morning America," saying he prayed he wouldn't be "stuck out here for the rest of my life," that "I just ate snow because I usually do it at home, too," and that "I'm still going to go camping."

Matthew Read, 19, of Dexter, Mich., who slipped off a mountain trail in a heavily forested part of Glacier National Park in Montana and was missing for two days, was rescued after being detected by a heat-seeking device on a helicopter.

Elizabeth Scherer, the judge who gained a national profile while presiding over the Parkland school shooting trial, is resigning to pursue other opportunities, saying it was "a privilege to serve the people of the state of Florida for over 10 years."

Justin Stetson, a former Minneapolis police officer, apologized and pleaded guilty to assaulting a man during the unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd, avoiding prison in a plea deal that means he can't work in law enforcement.

Louis Palmieri, 77, of Melbourne, Fla., was arrested on charges that he voted illegally in the 2020 election because in that state he was ineligible as a registered sex offender.

Jeremy Froias, a passenger on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas, was arrested in Puerto Rico and charged with video voyeurism after a camera with video of dozens of people was discovered in one of the ship's restrooms.

Joel Daves, a councilman in Mobile, Ala., called it "the triumph of hope over fear" as well as "progress over stagnation" and "trust over distrust" as the City Council voted unanimously to let 25,000 people vote on whether they want their neighborhoods annexed.

Heidi Kühn, a California activist who founded Roots of Peace to remove land mines in war-torn regions and replace them with grape vines, fruit trees and vegetables and has cited "a vision of turning blood into wine, killing fields into vineyards and hatred into love," was named the 2023 World Food Prize laureate.

Tim Walz, governor of Minnesota, called it the "coolest bill signing" he's ever done as he used purple ink on legislation dedicating Prince Rogers Nelson Memorial Highway in the Minneapolis suburbs in honor of the late pop superstar Prince, a "global icon" and "creative genius."