OPINION | DRIVETIME MAHATMA: A sign of improvement along Little Rock flyover

Dear Mahatma: When we drove into Little Rock recently, we noticed that a sign has been placed directing drivers to the proper lane to exit onto Rodney Parham Road. This is a great improvement. Better late than never. -- Karen

Dear Karen: Thanks for following up with a note of praise for improved signage at the flyover at Rodney Parham Road and Cantrell Road. It's been a long road for drivers at this busy spot. The signage has been a work in progress, but progress had been made.

We confirm that's it's easier now, having driven through the other day while listening to the radio as Miley Cyrus whined about some guy. Man up, girlfriend.

Dear Mahatma: On Interstate 30 access roads between the Pulaski County line and Bryant, on both sides of the interstate there are exit ramps that go nowhere except into the woods. I am sure there is considerable cost for these. Does the Highway Department pay for these? If they are requested by landowners, do they have to pay? Would like to see an answer in your column, which I enjoy reading. -- Jim

Dear Jim: Thanks. We need all the encouragement we can get.

We are told by our deepest sources at the Arkansas Department of Transportation that the exit ramp on the south side of the interstate connects to Raymar Road and Bryant Parkway. The one on the north side of the interstate connects to Bryant Parkway and up to Arkansas 5.

ArDot built these ramps in 2017 and partnered with the city of Bryant. The city paid $2 million of the total $6.7 million construction cost.

Dear Mahatma: Followed in Crystal Hill -- SPEDEMN -- on a Hyundai hybrid. It wasn't. -- Calvin

Dear Calvin: Thanks for a shout-out to someone who was apparently "driving the speed limit." Refreshing.

Call this a rebuttal to the Mahjong ladies who complain their husbands drive too slowly. They're simply doing the posted speed.

Dear Mahatma: I probably win the prize for seeing the oldest temporary car tag.

On Chenal Parkway this morning I saw a white Honda. Tag date 01/08/20. I'm sure they don't have insurance either and were racing down Chenal. Makes me so angry when people are getting away with this. Thanks for letting me vent. -- Brenda

Dear Brenda: Please sit down. Our recollection is the oldest temp tag reported to the Traffic Desk was right at six years old.

As for venting, we're here for you.

Dear Mahatma: Saw this vanity plate on an SUV the other day: IDBMAD2. Could be just a comment on the sad state of affairs of society in general. -- Doug

Dear Doug: Sad state?

We encourage everyone to read "The Worst Hard Time." It's a nonfiction work by Timothy Egan and describes the truly terrible times of the Dust Bowl back in the Great Depression of the 20th Century.

It's good to be alive in 2023.

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