TOOLS & TOYS: Leo’s Loo Too by Smarty Pear; and Millboard

Leos Loo Too by Smarty Pear, and Millboard

Leo's Loo Too by Smarty Pear

What's to love: No more scooping cat litter by hand. Enough said, almost. There are several automatic — smart even — litter boxes on the market. My cats used one for several years, but it recently pooped out. Then came Leo's Loo Too, the latest and smartest model from California's Smarty Pear. Available in four colors, this stylish necessity for cats is so quiet and odor-free that it can go where humans gather without being noticed.

What does it do: With a motor that purrs like a kitten, Leo's Loo Too quietly sifts and tumbles waste into a bag underneath and directs clean litter back into place. A fancy, programmable UV lighting feature kills germs that can cause odors, so you can go a few days without emptying the bag, depending on how many cats are using it. Cats are naturally curious, and the ones who tested the Loo were quick to adapt. (One drawback: Larger cats may feel a bit cramped in the tight space.) An available cat litter mat kept stray clay off the hardwood floors, and a smartphone app lets cat moms and dads check on who's using the Loo, and even operate it remotely. Leo's Loo Too is on sale for $599 at smartypear.com.                                    


What's to love: Decking that has the texture and look of real wood without the splinters. The deck boards by Outlive are molded using a pliable material from real wood timbers.

What does it do: The company says the decking is made of a hybrid polyurethane that is low maintenance. The molded surfaces are slip resistant even when wet. Inside is a polymer resin core reinforced with fiberglass for strength and stability. There are three collections of decking: Enhanced Grain, Weathered Oak and Lasta-Grip, each available in several colors. Visit outlive.info for more information.