Mama was heavenly

Elisabeth "Lib" Medders was a lover of people, dogs, cats, a cow named Beauty, a calf named Goofy and a pig named Pig Iron. By people, I mean anyone with whom she came into contact, whether casually or intimately. She was a mama. My mama.

A small-town journalist, she wrote or transcribed most of the paper's news content, took it 38 miles to Savannah, Ga., to have it cast in type on a hot metal linotype machine and brought it back to Pembroke to have it printed. I loved going with her, interacting with the men in the shop, playing with the cast-off metal slugs, and playing on the sidewalk out front.

She taught a children's Sunday School class. One of my favorite memories is of sitting in the back seat for the ride home after church and listening to her tell my dad about a little girl who proudly introduced my mama to her mama as Jesus.

As I recall it, she was bothered by either having to embarrass the little girl by correcting her on the spot or waiting until another time to explain that she only read stories about Jesus. I think she chose the second option.

The little girl was right.

Jesus takes many forms, and my mama was one of them.



Possibilities for 2024

Looking at the 2024 presidential race: I'm in my 80s and doing well mentally and physically for my age. However, this time next year I could be in "the home" or the grave. Joe Biden is my peer in age. If he really wants to get re-elected, he needs to get a vice presidential running mate that inspires confidence that they can step in if something happens to him. Ms. Kamala Harris is not that person.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump comes across as some kind of nut. He expects you to swear personal loyalty to him and believe anything that he says. (Did this guy apprentice under Adolf Hitler?) This does not inspire confidence. The Republicans need to get behind another candidate, preferably one who is at least 20 years younger than either Trump or Biden.


North Little Rock

Misuse of generosity

I just finished reading that Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott has not distributed any of the $300,000 donated for victims of the March 31 tornado that hit central Arkansas. According to Mayor Scott, it is unlikely that any tornado victims will receive a penny of the money. He states the money is earmarked for organizations rather than individual Arkansans.

I doubt very seriously that was the intention of the generous donors. It's things like this that keep more and more people from contributing to worthy causes. Mayor Scott needs to be held accountable for this grievous misuse of Arkansan generosity.



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