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Should be ashamed

Recently I came into Little Rock to watch my granddaughter's team play softball at Allsopp Park. I headed to the restroom, but my son advised me to wait because he said they were really bad. I went anyway and I have never seen anything comparable to the filthy, deplorable condition of a public restroom anywhere. One stall of only two actually had feces on the toilet seat and both stalls had toilet paper all over the floor. Both sinks were so nasty that it was apparent that they hadn't been cleaned in forever. The faucet was completely broken off of one sink and no hand wipes available, so I just walked out without even washing my hands. I couldn't get out of there fast enough to get fresh air and away from the stench in that horrible place.

That mess didn't happen in just one week. The city should be thoroughly ashamed and see why these facilities are sadly neglected. Certainly not welcoming to visitors.

I will make sure Mayor Frank Scott Jr. gets a copy of this letter.



Promoting anarchy

The precedent-shattering rant by United States Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch against all restrictions imposed during the pandemic totally ignores the fact that every law limits personal liberty. His sweeping proclamation would encompass even traffic laws requiring seat belts and prohibitions against speeding.

It should not be characterized as either conservative or liberal because it is a prescription for anarchy.


Little Rock

What's in GOP plan

I have been looking on my computer to see what is in the Republican plan on the debt. Here goes: Rescind the 87,000 IRS workers, end tax incentives for companies that invest in green energy, eliminate Biden's student loan forgiveness plan, raise the age maximum from 50 to 56 on work reporting requirements for those receiving food stamps, etc. May be other things, but this is what I found.


Cave City

Assumptions on act

To Rep. Steve Womack re the Limit, Save, Grow Act: I make these assumptions: 1. You are intelligent. 2. You are honest. 3. You have at least a fifth-grade education in math. 4. You understand the definition of "debt." 5. You understand the definition of "default." 6. You understand the definition of "budget." 7. You understand the definition of "negotiation." 8. You understand the definition of "extortion." 9. You understand the definition of "representation." 10. You understand the definition of "public interest." 11. You understand the definition of "legislation." 12. You understand the definition of "responsibility." 13. You understand what is contained in the "Limit, Save, Grow Act."

If I am wrong in any of the assumptions, it is your obligation to correct your error.

If you support the "Limit, Save, Grow Act," it is your obligation to correct your error.

If you believe the "Limit, Save, Grow Act" is a budget proposal, it is your obligation to correct your error.

I believe you know all of this, which leads me to the conclusion that in supporting the "Limit, Save, Grow Act," you are putting the interest of the most extreme members of the Republican Party over the interests of the citizens of Arkansas' 3rd District, the citizens of Arkansas, the state of Arkansas; over the interests of the citizens of the United States, the United States, the inhabitants of Earth, the Earth; over the interests of Republicans, the Republican Party; over my personal interests and over those of yourself.

If you do not reverse your position and persuade enough of your colleagues in the House to withdraw this travesty, pass a clean bill to raise or eliminate the "debt ceiling" and negotiate on the U.S. budget in good faith, at the appropriate time and in the appropriate debate venues, I will personally do everything within my power to see that you are removed from office.

I am watching.



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