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May 30, 2023 at 3:36 a.m.

Misinformation afoot

America is the only country in the world that has enacted anti-literacy laws and, in 2023, it seems it has again.

The anti-woke banning of books and the campaign to obscure the process of learning is a prime example.

This push for "misinformation" is exactly what this new denial of diversity is all about. Too many Americans cannot handle truth, especially when it relates to flaws within this "perfect union."

Even though a big "black lie" just cost Fox News $787 million, the perpetrators continue to lie. An article by Helen Lee Bouygues titled "The Misinformation Effect and the Psychology Behind Fake News" states that the way false information can distort understanding even after a person receives correct information is because it creates fake memories. This means that once a lie is told, it becomes a memory. Now, we know why Donald Trump, among others, uses lies.

In our neighborhood, we just call a lie a lie. Personally, I don't expect any better. I do know that the biggest lie is "white supremacy." The only supremacy I was taught is God. Now, the true term is "white entitlement." I believe that is where the lies originate.

If Americans could handle truth, they wouldn't have banned reading and writing. Their professed supremacy looks pretty weak. If they fear books and diversity in learning, it seems like a weakness to me. Insecurity breeds lies, suppression and oppression. It is about discrimination, and racism. For the record, only God is supreme.


Little Rock

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