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by Mike Lankford Special to The Commercial | May 31, 2023 at 3:06 a.m.

Editor, The Commercial:

Well, in the mornings after our Tax tally, we have heard from the mayor, city/county officials as well as others that -- it is now time to get to "work" making Pine Bluff an example of hard work and unity. A goal we for sure can all agree.

But what exactly is this -- "work"? In no particular order, nor all inclusive, is it:

Supporting needs for pathways to better schools?

Lower crime rates?

Greener power generation?

Lower teen pregnancy?

More diverse employment skills to help our current diverse businesses grow as well as attract other businesses?

Implement ideas to help support employment growth, such as mass transit to dense work areas? We are improving housing in town but large industry (jobs) is not.

Implement technology to further streamline processes to facilitate lower costs of government?

Partnering with Sysco and other businesses on EV charging? This needs to be done "now" to help with their planning, not 3 years from now, allowing others to get their foot in the door.

Any idea worth doing is worth measuring. What are we currently measuring beside homicides?

Johnson County, more specifically, Clarksville, is implementing its second round of solar energy to help lower city utility costs. Comparing this to Pine Bluff's ideas of progress -- spending money converting one way streets back to 2 ways. Progress??

Think of the economic impact Clarksville will see as contractors fill hotels, local restaurants, local store purchases ... well, you get the picture.

Maybe issues as above and more, get addressed in some of our leaders' "work."

Mike Lankford,

Pine Bluff

Print Headline: Defining ‘work’


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