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Other days

by Joy Jackson, Angelyn Dupwe, Micah Farmer | May 31, 2023 at 3:56 a.m.

100 years ago

May 31, 1923

FORT SMITH -- After a chase of 100 miles last night by local police and county officers and the staging of a gun battle on Main street in Huntington by officers of that city, Bill Richardson of Crawford County and George Mansfield of St. Louis were lodged in the county jail here today on charges of grand larceny in connection with the theft of two automobiles. ... Early Tuesday night, a car was stolen from near a local theater and warnings were sent to near-by cities, asking officers to be on the lookout. Shortly after 1 o'clock this morning, Watchman C. W. Griffiths at Huntington saw men standing near Moore & Miller's store ... Griffiths approached to investigate and the quartet leaped into a car and sped away ... Griffiths, who was chasing them, started shooting, and in a few minutes, hundreds of residents ... joined in the chase. The car was cornered near the Baptist church, and the four men, leaping to the ground, took to their heels. Richardson was later found hiding in a Methodist church. Mansfield was found asleep in an automobile ... four miles from Huntington.

50 years ago

May 31, 1973

WASHINGTON -- After hearing testimony by John D. Ehrlichman, Senator John L. McCllelan (Dem., Ark.) Wednesday said the former White House adviser and Central Intelligence Agency official had made "serious and conflicting allegations" about efforts to involve the CIA in a coverup of the Watergate conspiracy. ... Ehrlichman, speaking to newsmen after his testimony, flatly denied allegations that there had been in the White House, as part of a coverup, "a rigged scenario" to induce the CIA to block an FBI investigation of Nixon re-election campaign financial manipulations in Mexico related to the June 17, 1972 break-in of Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate complex.

25 years ago

May 31, 1998

HOT SPRINGS -- What a difference a decade has made. Hot Springs long enjoyed a regional monopoly on gambling with horse players flocking to Oaklawn Park, pumping life into the local economy. But in the early 1980's, surrounding states began approving parimutuel wagering, lotteries, and casino gambling. Tourism in the Spa City plummeted, the famed bathhouses were crumbling, and downtown proprietors were fleeing for more modern and profitable locations. ... Today, signs of recovery abound, including expansion and renovation of the Hot Springs Civic and Convention Center ... Bathhouses have been renovated, merchants are returning, and a general face lift has rejuvenated the area.

10 years ago

May 31, 2013

The Arkansas Department of Health is working with federal agencies to investigate reports of infections among patients treated with steroid injections distributed by a Tennesee compounding pharmacy to clinics in at least 15 states, including Arkansas. About 20 patients who received injections of methylprednisolone acetate from the pharmacy after Dec. 6 have reported skin infections that led to abscesses at the site of injection and joint infections, the state agency said. The injectable steroid is most commonly used to treat pain and swelling associated with joint conditions, such as arthritis.

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