Things that go boom in the night; Little Rock residents baffled by loud noises early Friday morning

FILE - Downtown Little Rock skyline in 2018
FILE - Downtown Little Rock skyline in 2018

Residents in a section of west Little Rock were startled early Friday morning by two loud booms that echoed across multiple neighborhoods and at least two miles.

The noises, which went off at 6:02 and 6:03 a.m., were heard as far west as where Kavanaugh Boulevard meets North Lookout Road in Hillcrest and as far east as the corner of West Markham and South Martin Streets in Stifft Station.

A Little Rock Police spokesman confirmed that the department was serving warrants at the time in the Hillcrest area, but there is no confirmation that that caused the booms.

A spokesperson for the Little Rock Fire Department said he was under the assumption the noises originated with the police.

“That was something going on with the police department,” Capt. Doug Coffman said. “I don’t want to speak for them.”

Little Rock Police spokesperson Mark Edwards, who was sent a video of the noises, confirmed that a warrant was served in the Hillcrest area, but wouldn’t share an exact address.

However, Edwards said, “I heard that video. I heard the sounds. I don’t know what those were.”

While there was some speculation that the noises originated from a joint operation between LRPD and FBI, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette confirmed the FBI was not part of an operation with LRPD.

A spokesperson with the Arkansas National Guard said no operations took place at Camp Robinson this morning that could have resulted in the loud booms.

The video sent to Edwards was captured via a front porch camera owned by Jeffery Williams, who shared it in the comments of post about the noises on the website Nextdoor.

Williams lives on B Street, which is two blocks north of West Markham.

In the video, which shows an inactive street in the early morning hours, the first boom is heard at 6:02 a.m. One minute and two seconds later, the second one is heard. As it stops, sirens can be heard in the distance.

On the Nextdoor post and the Facebook group “Pulaski, Saline, Lonoke & Faulkner Co 911 Report,” residents described what they heard.

“I thought my son fell out of bed,” commented Ebony Holloway, who lives in Oak Forest, a neighborhood south of I-630 West.

A man named Scott Jones claimed to have heard them on Rice Street, which is a mile southeast of where West Markham and Martin streets meet.

“I live in Capitol View and heard it as well,” commented Tonyia Haynes Long. “First (I) thought it was thunder and checked radar, nothing. Then I thought it might be from the train yard (hooking cars together) but after hearing this recording I’m totally baffled.”

A woman named Amy Underwood said on Facebook “We heard it and felt it…sounded like a gas explosion??”

If you have any information about the source of the loud booms heard Friday morning, you can send tips to

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