School votes set Tuesday in Little Rock, elsewhere in state

'I Voted' stickers are shown in this file photo.
(NWA Democrat-Gazette file photo)
'I Voted' stickers are shown in this file photo. (NWA Democrat-Gazette file photo)

Tuesday is school board/millage election day in those Arkansas school districts that hold their school-related elections in November as opposed to the spring of the year.

In Little Rock, where early voting at the Pulaski County Administration Building goes through Monday, the election ballot features unopposed incumbent Vicki Hatter for the School Board's Zone 6 seat and two people for the Zone 5 seat -- one of whom withdrew from the race after it was too late to keep her name off the ballot.

Anna Strong is running for the capital city's School Board from the district's Zone 5 that encompasses north-central Little Rock. The seat is currently held by Ali Noland, who did not file to run for a second term and endorsed Strong to be her successor.

Donnally Davis also filed as a candidate for the Zone 5 seat last Aug. 16 but announced Aug. 18 that she would not pursue the seat even though her name would be on the ballot. She can't win the seat. But if she receives more votes than Strong, neither wins. Noland continues to hold the seat.

Polling places will be open in Little Rock School District Zone 5 on election day. The Pulaski County Administration Building will be open for those who want to vote on Hatter for the Zone 6 board seat or on the Little Rock district's 46.4 mill property tax rate. There is no proposed change in the tax rate.

School districts are required by state law to put their property tax rates on the ballot every year -- even when no change in the rate is proposed.


There is no early or absentee voting in the North Little Rock and Pulaski County Special school districts and there will be no polling places open on the Nov. 14 election day -- but two people will be reelected to the seats they now hold.

The incumbent board members -- Angela Person-West in North Little Rock's Zone 4 seat and Wendy Potter in the Pulaski Special district's Zone 5 seat -- filed as candidates for re-election in August. They drew no opponents.

Additionally, neither district is asking voters for a change in their school tax rates.

As a result, the two districts are conducting what is called "an election by candidate."

Each of the incumbents are to visit the Pulaski County Administration Building to cast votes for themselves and to vote on their districts' millage rates.

Jacksonville/North Pulaski School District holds its annual school board/millage election in the spring of each year.