OPINION | LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Boos of discontent

Boos of discontent

Editor, The Commercial:

I am a student at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, home of the Golden Lions. That makes me a member of the UAPB Pride. Recently, I've accepted a position as a campus organizer with Get Loud Arkansas, working under the leadership of Sen. Joyce Elliott to raise my voice and those of my community.

At the UAPB homecoming, the people had a chance to use their voices to send a message, and they did it. I was surprised to see the recent letter to the editor from the Rev. Jesse Turner criticizing them for doing so. Rev. Turner claimed Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders would punish the city of Pine Bluff for the loud round of boos she received that day.

Those boos weren't an act of defiance; they were a spontaneous roar from the people of Pine Bluff. The UAPB homecoming is never just about sports; it's a joyful coming together, but it can also be a place to send a message.

What Gov. Sanders heard was our frustration, a unified refusal of a system that does not work for far too many people. When the city of Pine Bluff resonated with boos, it was an act of unity against a failing leadership; a powerful show of solidarity because we, the people of Arkansas, deserve better.

The threat of retaliation against our community is meant to silence us, to paint our criticism as disloyalty. Well, let me tell you something: It's not disloyal to want a better Arkansas. It's not rebellious to speak up for what's right. That is our civic duty in action.

Rather than back down out of fear, let's rally our team spirit and carry it forward to the voting booth. I urge every person who attended the homecoming game -- especially my fellow students -- to register to vote.

Your voice, your vote, holds immense power. With each mark on a ballot, we can rewrite the rules. We can choose leaders that represent our shared vision of hope, progress and unity.

Remember, this isn't just about the current governor or a single homecoming game. It's about standing up, being heard, and taking action -- for ourselves, for Pine Bluff, and for Arkansas. Because our voices matter, our community matters, and our vote matters. Get Loud, Arkansas!

Derrick Luckey,

Campus Civic Engagement Coordinator, Get Loud Arkansas