The blame is shared

The last thing I needed on a Sunday morning after another Razorback beatdown was a lecture from yet another Republican about budget deficits. But there was Rep. French Hill--who has never met a tax cut he didn't like--largely laying the blame on Biden, Pelosi and the Democrats.

Here's a fact Representative Hill conveniently omitted from his guest column in the Perspective section: The day Donald Trump was inaugurated, the national debt stood at $19.9 trillion and change. On the last day of his presidency, it had ballooned some $7.8 trillion to $27.7 trillion and change.

I agree with Representative Hill that the system is broken and needs reforming. If he wants to put our money where his mouth is, raise taxes that would be earmarked specifically for deficit reduction, fund the IRS so it can collect taxes from the cheats, and do not vote to extend the Trump tax cuts past their Dec. 31, 2025, expiration date.

But I'm guessing the football Razorbacks will win a NCAA national championship before Republicans take these small steps to address a problem they more than equally share with the Democrats.



Indebted to veterans

On 9/11 I was at work when the towers were hit, but later that day I had to go to school. I was attending a college in Durango, Colo. The teacher got up and told us that we could just talk about what was happening in the world. We all talked about how sad we were, how afraid we were and how angry we were.

The teacher asked us: "If we went to war today and they asked everyone of us to sign up to go fight right now, who would go?" I remember raising my hand right away; my little sister was in the same class and she raised her hand as well. No one else raised even a finger. I was shocked.

We as Americans want to take advantage of every perk that America offers. We love to talk about what war we should help or what side to be on. Do we even think about how the wars are won? How we have the freedoms that we do have? We get to read what we want to read, go to the church we want to, vote for the person we want to vote for and live an amazing life because of the sacrifices that our soldiers have made for us. If you stop to think about how much we owe them, it's embarrassing that we only celebrate them once a year.

I am grateful for the services of my soldiers. I am so thankful for the life I get to have because of them. I am blessed to be a part of the "Home of the Free." Thank you to my veterans. I for one will always be indebted to you.



Make it make sense

Did anyone think to ask why we are building a new high school out west when we are having to combine students from two schools to bring Hall High up to half-capacity? See article in Friday's paper. All while public school enrollment is going down.


Little Rock

Innocents suffering

I support Israel's right to defend itself. However, I must question what seems to be a disregard for civilian casualties. They seem to not care how many innocents suffer. If you need to see their history of "us first regardless of who we hurt," Google "USS Liberty."



Abuse cannot go on

History goes back more than 70 years or so. Israel is "God's Chosen People." They told us so centuries ago. I don't know of anyone of any other people that heard God say he is playing favorites with them. Their Old Testament book of Joshua says his armies put to the edge of the sword everything that breathed in Ai, and several other cities in Canaan. Their God told them to. There is nothing recorded there finding Canaanites harmed Israel, deserving that.

The Oct. 7 slaughter by Hamas in Israel is despicable in the view of any civilized person. No equivocation of it is acceptable.

However, the settlements Israel has permanently put in Palestinian lands have long been condemned by the international community, yet are continued by Israel and those settlers continue to kill and abuse Palestinians around them with seeming impunity. How long would a reasonable person expect such abuse to be tolerated? Whether one is hanged, shot, stabbed, or starved to death, they're still dead. And that's a permanent condition. One would think that Middle Eastern cultures would learn that revenge, grudge-bearing, and rights to vast lands based on sketchy 3,000-year-old commands of a God only a few people heard are not readily enforced thousands of years later.

If you want a reason to kill or hate, you'll find one. That is true of any and all cultures, races, and combinations of people.

It seems Empress Sarah and her cabal have outlawed teaching fully factual history in the state. If you keep the poor and marginalized ignorant of what was done to them by the rich and powerful, you can evade responsibility. And also avoid correcting those wrongs.

We could have had an excellent governor. But Chris Jones is Black. Redneck fundamentalists preferred a liar and autocratic white person. Did anyone think it would be otherwise?



How much did it cost?

I really want to know how much it cost the state of Arkansas' taxpayers for Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and those with her to travel to Florida and attend Donald Trump's rally to personally endorse him.


Fort Smith