Arrests made following wave of Little Rock vehicle break-ins

A Little Rock Police Department vehicle is shown in this file photo.

Little Rock police arrested 10 people Tuesday following a wave of vehicle break-ins that involved at least 63 reported incidents across the city in the past week. 

Mark Edwards, a spokesman for the Little Rock Police Department, said that there may be more break-ins throughout the city than there are incident reports. 

“If an apartment complex said they’ve been robbed, we write one incident report, one report may cover multiple vehicles broken into,” Edwards said Tuesday afternoon. “If you have 10 break-ins in your parking lot, we’re going to cover that all in one incident report.” 

Edwards said he was not sure exactly how many cars were broken into during the past seven days. 

He also said he could not yet provide more information about specific locations that had an increase of vehicle break-ins.  

“We’re aware of this situation and we have made some arrests, but it is still early. Officers are still going back and studying surveillance,” he said.  

The Police Department said in a Tuesday afternoon news release they believe the 10 people arrested “are responsible for these and other crimes with more arrests to come.” 

Authorities are unsure how many of the individuals worked together, or if they did work together, Edwards said. 

“That’s still being investigated,” he said. 

The identities of the ten people arrested were not immediately released. 

“We have them in custody, the reports aren’t available yet,” Edwards said Tuesday afternoon.

“As we move into the final weeks of 2023, the LRPD is planning for higher visibility in our communities, being proactive in developing stronger relationships as we maximize technology through our Real-Time Crime Center,” the release said. 

Edwards said Little Rock drivers can keep a few safety tips in mind to help deter vehicle break-ins. 

Drivers should make sure to lock their doors, take valuable belongings inside, avoid leaving important things in plain sight and if drivers are parking in an apartment complex, they should try to park in well-lit areas, police said. 

The investigation is ongoing. 

Police have asked that anyone with surveillance footage that might show a vehicle break-in submit the video through the YourLRPD app.