Police: Witnesses say AK-47 used in Monday shooting that wounded 15-year-old near high school

FILE - Little Rock Southwest High School is shown in this 2020 photo. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/STATON BREIDENTHAL)

A shooting that occurred near Little Rock Southwest High School Monday involved what witnesses believed to be an AK-47, according to a Little Rock Police report.

The incident, which included up to six people -- with one being a Southwest student -- happened around 2:25 p.m.

According to the report, officers responded to a call about a shooting at Southwest High School. Upon arrival, they found a 2022 Toyota Corolla out front with three people in it. The driver had been shot.

Two of the three, including the injured driver, were 15. The third was Roberto Marquez Rangel, 18, of Little Rock.

The group told officers they had been at a pavilion at Morehart Park, roughly a mile south of Southwest High School.

They had seen a Chevy Tahoe SUV parked close by. They claimed to have seen three Hispanic males leave the vehicle and walk toward them, with one appearing to hold an AK-47.

The trio said they got in the Corolla to leave when they realized they were being shot at.

A bullet went through the driver door and hit the driver below the right knee.

Another bullet hit the back of the car.

The 15-year-old driver was taken to the hospital.

Investigating officers went to 11 Regina Circle, where they had been told one of the suspects, who is also 15, lived and took him into custody.

The suspect's father, Leonardo Aguilar, was brought to 12th Street Substation, where officers attempted to interview the suspect and him together.

They refused to make a statement.

The suspect was released without charges.

A spokesperson provided a message that Southwest Principal Quantas Floyd sent to students' parents after the incident.

According to the message, the altercation involved a student who had left the campus without permission.

"The student returned to our campus to get help," Floyd said. "The incident did not have anything to do with our school, but because the student returned to the campus, emergency personnel and law enforcement were notified and are on the scene now investigating."

Floyd added that "thankfully, the student's injuries are non-life-threatening."

The investigation is ongoing.

CORRECTION: Little Rock police investigated a shooting near Little Rock Southwest High School on Monday. An earlier article included an incorrect name for the school.