To dance with devil

Now that his poll numbers are way up, I see that Gov. Sarah Sanders has joined her father in endorsing Donald Trump in his bid to become president again.

I'm curious and somewhat perplexed. How does Sanders reconcile her religious faith with supporting a narcissistic sociopath, a lying con man and grifter? To me, it's obviously in conflict with the Christian values she claims to own.

Is it not the antithesis of Christ's teaching to embrace one who constantly ridicules and insults others, including war heroes and the handicapped; one who sexually abuses women and publicly brags about it; one who manipulates others with lies and mantras; one who incites violence and bullies others into submission; one who has already been found liable in civil court for fraud and sexual assault?

Obviously, love and concern for others, one of the basic tenets of Christ's teachings, is totally lacking in his behavior, thus his character. Has Sanders not noticed how he treats people? Of course she has; she has even adopted his ugly, divisive rhetoric.

It's a fool's game to dance with the devil for any reason. Therefore, I predict our governor will eventually get burned, as have so many other Trump sycophants.


Fort Smith

No coverage of rally

I am a 50-plus-year subscriber to your newspaper. The other morning I eagerly opened your newspaper website hoping to see great coverage of the pro-Israel rally in Washington, D.C. ... Crickets.

At this rally, there was no screaming, no stomping on or burning the American flag, no hate speech or bloody handprints on the White House gate--only a peaceful rally.

I have been wondering where the pro-Israel/pro-Jewish American rallies were in the last month. So I was so pleased to know that around 300,000 people were there. The media has only shown the other side. I was hoping that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was different.