Smackover’s Roark seeks to represent District 96 in House

Robin Roark

Robin Roark of Smackover is running for the Arkansas House of Representatives in District 96, which includes portions of Union, Ouachita, Calhoun, Bradley, Dallas and Cleveland counties.

Raised in Fordyce, Roark is an educator and pastor at First United Methodist Church in Smackover.

“Being a native of Fordyce, I have a deep connection to the people of District 96. Raised in the United Methodist Church and with parents who ran a small business, I’ve learned the importance of faith and hard work. Fordyce, Hampton, Rison, Smackover and the communities in Dallas, Calhoun, Cleveland, and Union counties have always been close to my heart. They’re not just where I grew up; they’re what shaped me,” Roark said in a news release.

A University of Arkansas at Little Rock alumnus, he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Divinity degree from Saint Paul School of Theology.

Roark’s career spans significant roles in education and spiritual leadership. His professional journey includes stints as a teacher at North Little Rock High School and White Hall High School.

He has also been an associate pastor at Texarkana First United Methodist Church and pastor at Silver Hill and Smackover First United Methodist churches.

“Roark’s campaign is driven by his vast experience in education and community leadership, equipping him with an intimate understanding of the unique challenges and needs of Arkansans in District 96. He is passionately advocating for educational advancement, community growth, and inclusive, forward-thinking policies. His deep-rooted commitment to service and community well-being positions him as a candidate ready to offer a new, dynamic perspective in the Arkansas State Legislature,” according to the release.

Roark expounded on the need for unity and collaboration.

“Living in this great country, our state, and especially here in District 96, it’s time we stop defining ourselves just by ‘D’ or ‘R’. We need to remember that we’re all in this together. Compromise, sharing ideas, and working together are key to making District 96 and our state thrive. I’m ready to listen and learn from those with different perspectives. We all have unique journeys, and that’s something to embrace. Together, we can create solutions that benefit everyone.”

He also emphasized his grassroots campaign approach.

“This campaign’s all about grassroots, the real deal. I’m excited to meet and reconnect with as many people as possible in District 96. I want to hear your stories and work together to make our district the best it can be,” he said.

He and his wife, Amanda, have four children, the oldest of which is a senior at the University of Arkansas.