Complete list of Arkansas candidate filings

This is a list of candidates who filed for state office during the week-long filing period at the state Capitol that concluded Tuesday.

Abbreviations: Democrat, (D); Libertarian, (L); Republican, (R); Independent, (I); Write-in, (W). All judicial candidates are nonpartisan. Names are shown as filed.

The partisan primaries are March 5, 2024, as is the judicial general election. If necessary, runoff elections will be held April 2, 2024. The general election is Nov. 5, 2024.


President Joseph R. Biden Jr, D

Doug Burgum, R

Ron DeSantis, R

Nikki Haley, R

Vivek Ramaswamy, R

Donald J. Trump, R

Asa Hutchinson, R

Ryan L. Binkley, R

Stephen P. Lyons, D

Marianne Williamson, D

Chris Christie, R

Armando Mando Perez-Serrato, D

David Stuckenberg, R

Frankie Lozada, D

Cenk Uygur, D

Dean Phillips, D


Caitlan Draper, D, District 3

Rodney Govens, D, District 1

Congressman French Hill, R, District 2

Marcus A. Jones, D, District 2

Congressman Bruce Westerman, R, District 4

Congressman Steve Womack, R, District 3

Congressman Rick Crawford, R, District 1

Risie Howard, D, District 4

State Sen. Clint Penzo, R, District 3

John White, I, District 4


John Pagan, D

Sec. of State John Thurston, R


Erika Askeland, D, District 20

Sen. Steve Crowell, R, District 3

Sen. Breanne Davis, R, District 25

Sen. Jonathan Dismang, R, District 18

Sen. Jim Dotson, R, District 34

Sen. Scott Flippo, R, District 23

Sen. Stephanie Flowers, D, District 8

Sen. Ben Gilmore, R, District 1

Sen. Bart Hester, R, District 33

Sen. Jimmy Hickey Jr., R, District 4

Sen. Mark Johnson, R, District 17

Michelle Justice, D, District 25

Sandy Maier, D, District 22

Sen. Matt McKee, R, District 6

Sen. John Payton, R, District 22

Sen. Jim Petty, R, District 29

Sen. Terry Rice, R, District 5

Rep. Jamie Scott, D, District 12

Mark Silvey,R, Senate District 3

Maureen Skinner,D, District 17

Sen. Gary Stubblefield, R, District 26

Sen. Dan Sullivan, R, District 20

Tommy Wayne Wagner, Jr., R, District 19

Sen. David Wallace, R, District 19

Kaylee Wedgeworth, D, District 34


State Representative Brandon Achor, R, District 71

Tink Albright, R, District 4

Rep. Fred Allen, D, District 77

Rep. Wade Andrews, R, District 98

David Barber, D, District 12

Rep. Sonia Eubanks Barker, R, District 96

Lincoln Barnett, D, District 63

Glenn Barnes, D, District 65

Tom Bartole, D, District 68

James Henry Bartolomei,D, District 78

Ty Bates, R, District 24

Rep. Howard M. Beaty Jr, R, District 95

Rep. Rick Beck, R, District 43

Tammi Northcutt Bell, R, District 63

Rep. Mary Bentley, R, District 54

Rep. Stan Berry, R, District 44

Kwami Abdul-Bey, D, District 69

Ciara' Bolte, D, District 57

Arnetta Bradford, R, District 88

Robert Leslie Bradford, R, District 88

Bill Bradshaw, D, District 86

Samuel Brazell, Jr., D, District 82

Rep. Harlan Breaux, R, District 6

Alyssa Brown, R, District 41

Rep. Keith Brooks, R, District 78

Rep. Karilyn Brown, R, District 67

Rep. Matt Brown, R, District 55

Jeff Burks, R, District 51

Nick Burkes, R, District 14

Rep. Rebecca Burkes, R, District 11

Kanisher Wooten Caldwell, D, District 65

State Representative Joey Carr, R, District 34

Rep. John P. Carr, R, District 15

O'Dell Carr, D, District 97

Rep. Fran Cavenaugh, R, District 30

Horace Ray Charles, D, District 96

Paul Childress, R, District 83

Rep. Nicole Clowney, D, District 21

Rep. Cameron Cooper, R, District 57

Rep. Andrew Collins, D, District 73

Billy Cook, D, District 19

Doug Corbitt, D, District 54

Rep. Bruce Cozart, R, District 91

Rep. Cindy Crawford, R, District 51

Jeremy Criner, R, District 17

Rep. Carol Dalby, R, District 100

Teresa Dannaway, D, District 83

Ryan Davis, D, District 76

Rick Delaney, D, District 6

Ben Derrick, I, District 89

Rep. Matt Duffield, R, District 53

James Eaton, R, District 26

Rep. Les Eaves, R, District 58

Andrew Cade Eberly, D, District 67

Rep. Denise Ennett, D, District 80

Rep. Jon S. Eubanks, R, District 46

Rep. Brian S. Evans, R, District 68

Kellee Mitchell Farris, D, District 62

Lauren Faulk, D, District 42

Rep. Ken Ferguson, D, District 64

Whitney Sheree Freeman, D, District 45

Rep. Tony Furman, R, District 82

Stephanie Funk, D, District 15

Rep. Denise Garner, D, District 20

Amie Gates, D, District 53

State Representative Jimmy Gazaway, R, District 31

Diana Gonzales Worthen, D, District 9

Rep. Justin Gonzales, R, District 89

Rep. Zack Gramlich, R, District 50

Cassandra D. Green, D, District 71

Joshua Hagan, R, District 14

Brad Hall, R, District 24

James A. Hall, I, District 5

Desmond Hammett, D, District 34

Rep. RJ Hawk, R, District 81

Lisa Head, D, District 37

Rep. Hope Hendren Duke, R, District 12

Dolly Henley, R, District 88

Rey Hernandez, D, District 11,

Rep. DeAnna Hodges, R, District 9

Rep. Mike Holcomb, R, District 93

Alex Holladay, D, District 70

Sherry Holliman,D, District 35

Rep. Steve Hollowell, R, District 37

Hamilton Holmes, D, District 30

Jerry Holmes, R, District 41

Rep. Ashley Hudson, D, District 75

Ryan Intchauspe, D, District 24

Rep. Lane Jean, R, District 99

Demetris Johnson Jr., D, District 35

Rep. Lee Johnson, R, District 47

Rep. Jack Ladyman, R, District 32

Fred Leonard, D, District 63

Tyler L. Linton, D, District 98

Rep. Wayne Long, R, District 39

Rep. Robin Lundstrum, R, District 18

Rep. Roger D. Lynch, R, District 60

Rep. John Maddox, R, District 86

Rep. Steve Magie, D, District 56

Jacob Malloy, D, District 14

Rep. Julie Mayberry, R, District 92

Rep. Mindy McAlindon, R, District 10

David McAvoy, D, District 32

Rep. Rick McClure, R, District 29

Rep. Austin McCollum, R, District 8

Robin W. McCray, D, District 50

Rep. Tippi McCullough, D, District 74

Rep. Mark D. McElroy, R, District 62

Trevor McGarrah, D, District 58

Rep. Richard McGrew, R, District 85

Jessie McGruder, D, District 35

Cortney Warwick McKee, D, District 85

Rep. Brit McKenzie, R, District 7

Rep. Ron McNair, R, District 5

David McPherson, D, District 7

Justin Meeks, D, District 18

Rep. Stephen Meeks, R, District 42

Dexter R. Miller, D, District 62

Rep. Jon Milligan, R, District 33

Rep. Jeremiah Moore, R, District 61

Rep. Kendra Moore, R, District 23

Queen Lakeslia Mosley, D, District 56

David Murray, D, District 92

Cynthia Nations, D, District 55

Jason Nazarenko, R, District 4

Tom Nowlin, D, District 41

Caitlin Tannehill Oxford, D, District 25

Rep. Stetson Painter, R, District 3

Daniel Parker, D, District 36

Rep. Shad Pearce, R, District 40

Mark W. Perry, D, District 66

Rep. Aaron M. Pilkington, R, District 45

Coty W. Powers, R, District 30

Nick Priest, R, District 66

Rep. Chad Puryear, R, District 25

Rep. David Ray, R, District 69

Timmy Reid, R, District 27

Rep. Marcus E. Richmond, R, District 52

Rep. R. Scott Richardson, R, District 13

Rep. Jay Richardson, D, District 49

Robin G. Roark, D, District 96

Rep. Ryan A. Rose, R, District 48

Rep. Johnny Rye, R, District 36

Kate Schaffer, D, District 10

Rep. Bart Schulz, R, District 28

Rep. Matthew J. Shepherd, R, District 97

Rep. Tara Shephard, D, District 79

Ashley Sheys, D, District 13

Kim Slaughter, R, District 56

Brandt Smith, R, District 32

Grant Smith, D, District 77

Rep. Joy C. Springer, D, District 76

Tracy Steele, D, District 72

Rep. Trey Steimel, R, District 2

Jill Summerford,D, District 84

Annette Taylor, D, District 94

Robert Thorne Jr., J.P., R, District 35

Gina Thomas-Littlejohn, D, District 81

Billy Thomen, D, District 63

Gary Tobar, R, District 35

Randy Torres, R, District 17

Rep. Dwight Tosh, R, District 38

Jane-Ellen Udouj-Kutchka, D, District 51

Erin Lee Underhill, D, District 15

Rep. Kendon Underwood, R, District 16

Rep. Steve Unger, R, District 19

Rep. DeAnn Vaught, R, District 87

Rep. Jeff Wardlaw, R, District 94

Rep. Steven Walker, R, District 27

Rep. Les Warren, R, District 84

Rep. David Whitaker, D, District 22

Raymond Whiteside, D, District 35

R. Roosevelte Williams III, D, District 80

Kia Sprinkle Wilson, D, District 76

Rep. Carlton Wing, R, District 70

Rep. Richard Womack, R, District 90

Rep. Jeremy Wooldridge, R, District 1

Rep. Jim Wooten, R, District 59

Ken Yang, R, District 83


Justice Karen Baker, Chief Justice Position 1

Judge Carlton D. Jones, Associate Justice Position 2

Justice Courtney Hudson, Associate Justice Position 2

Justice Barbara Womack Webb, Chief Justice Position 1

Justice Shawn A. Womack, Associate Justice Position 5

Justice Rhonda Wood, Chief Justice Position 1

Jay Martin, Chief Justice Position 1


Judge Waymond M. Brown, District 7

Pam Hathaway, District 6, Position 1

Molly McNulty, District 6, Position 1

Judge Casey Tucker, District 6, Position 1


Doug Brimhall, District 02, Division 04, At Large

Robert Cortinez, District 6, Division 17, Subdistrict 6.2

Prosecuting Attorney Matt Durrett, District 4, Division 6

Brent Eubanks, District 6, Division 17, Subdistrict 6.2

Judge Melanie Martin, District 6, Division 7, Subdistrict 6.2

John Thomas Shepherd, District 13, Division 4

Judge Melinda Blaise Switzer, District 18-East, Division 4

Curtis Walker, Jr., District 2, Division 4, at large

Brooke-Augusta Ware, District 06, Division 17, Subdistrict 6.2

Karen Whatley, District 6, Division 16, Subdistrict 6.2


Judge Bruce Anderson, District 28

Judge A.J. Anglin, District 1, Division 3

Judge Rita Bailey, District 31, Jacksonville/Maumelle

Rinda Baker, District 5

Judge Jack W. Barker, District 35

Wes Bradford, District 4

Judge Alexander S. Bigger, District 11, Division 2

Judge Henry Boyce, District 15

Judge Kim Bridgforth, District 29, Division 1

Beth Burgess, District 31

Judge Ray Bunch, District 1, Division 2

Judge Sarah Capp, District 7

Judge Jason Carter, District 22

District Judge Chris Carnahan, District 9, Division 1

Judge Jodi Carney, District 10

Stephanie Casady, District 32, Division 2

Carol Collins, District 8

Judge Jeff Conner, District 1, Division 4

Judge Mark Derrick, District 23, Division 2

Judge B. Park Eldridge, Jr., District 16, Division 1

Arron Edwards, District 5

Judge Clay Ford, District 32, Division 1

Judge Tommy Fowler, District 19, Division 2

Judge Melinda N. French, District 27

Judge Billy Jack Gibson, District 33

Tyler Ginn, District 21

Judge Joe Graham, District 41, Division 1

Judge Phillip Green, District 29, Division 3

Judge Chris M. Griffin, District 1, Division 1

Judge Amy Grimes, District 6

Judge Jessica Steel Gunter, District 36, Division 2

Judge Milas "Butch" Hale III, District 31

Judge Reid Harrod, District 26

Judge Randy L. Hill, District 40

Judge Ron Hunter, District 20

David Hogue, District 9, Division 2

Evan David Hogue, District 9, Division 1

Judge Ann Beane Hudson, District 25, Division 1

William Whitfield Hyman, District 6, Fort Smith 3

Judge Mark R. Johnson, District 11, Division 1

Judge Clinton (Casey) Jones, District 2, Division 3

Lorie Mason Jordan, District 9, Division 2

Judge Paula Juels Jones, District 31

Jill Kamps, District 31, Little Rock 1

John L. Kearney, District 29, Division 2

Judge Eric R. Kennedy, District 23, Division 1

Judge David Kueter Boling, District 19, Division 1

Judge Shannon Langston, District 18

Mark D. Leverett, District 31, Little Rock 3

Deidre Luker, District 8

Judge Clinton D. McGue, District 30, Division 2

Justin Mercer, District 23, Division 2

Bryce Allen Montgomery, District 38

Phillip Moon, District 04

Judge Randy Morley, District 31, North Little Rock 2

Judge Brian Mueller, District 12

Phil Murphy, District 9, Division 2

Judge Graham H. Nations, District 2, Division 2

Efrem B. Neely, District 29, Division 2

Daren J. Nelson, District 39

Jim O'Hern, District 6

Chris O'Neill, District Judge District 23, Division 01

Judge Catherine Palmer Dean, District 18

Kara Petro, District 41, Division 2

Judge Mackie Pierce, District 31, Little Rock 1

Lena Pinkerton, District 5

Judge Thomas A. Potter, District 37

Judge Dale Ramsey, District 3

Taylor Samples, District 2, Division 1

Landon Sanders, District 9, Division 2

Mark N. Scalise, District 2, Division 1

Judge J. Baxter Sharp III, District 16, Division 1

Judge Wendy Sharum, District 6, Fort Smith 2

Judge Elizabeth Skinner, District 16, Division 2

Judge Mike Smith, District 25, Division 2

Judge Teresa Hallum Smith, District 30, Division 1

Terra Stephenson, District 02, Division 04

Judge Dan Stidham, District 17

Dana Stone, District 38

Angi Taylor, District 38

Tiarra Tanner, District 21

Tylar Tapp, District 41, Division 2

Judge Chaney Taylor, District 14

Robert E. Tellez, District 31, Little Rock 2

Judge Sam Terry, District 6

Judge Danny Thrailkill, District 24

Ashley Tolleson Moritz, District 38

Andre K. Valley, District Judge District 22

Greg Vardaman, District 40

Judge Michael Wagoner, District 6

Judge Morgan "Chip" Welch, District 31

Manya K. Wood, District 36, Division 1

Judge Herbert Wright, District 31, Little Rock 2

Judge Lance Wright, District 13

Judge Tom Wynne, District 34


Sarah Phillips, District 19-West

Bryan Sexton, District 19-West

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly listed the status of candidate Ryan Davis of Little Rock.

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