Real estate transactions

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more, deeds recorded Oct. 23-27.

AndMark Colony West Apartments, LLC to AndMark View At Breckenridge, LLC, Tract 1-R, Colony West Commercial Replat, $7,500,000.

101 South Shackleford, LLC to Wolf Track Farm, LLC, L1, Sterling Plaza, $3,472,053.

Simon Mears; Mary Grace Kelly to Eliza Gaines; Alec Gaines, Ls3-4 B13, Newton- Pulaski Heights, $2,725,000.

Applied Technology Group, Inc. to North Little Rock School District, L1, Diamond Plaza, $1,900,000.

Country Club Station Realty Company to JEA Investments Limited Partnership, LLLP, Ls8R & 9R, Mangan Replat- Newton, $1,425,000.

Fred Auger; Carol Auger to Chris E. Fowler; Chris E. Fowler, Jr. Grandchild's Trust, Ls25-26 B13, Midland Hills, $830,000.

William R. Brierley; Mary Clare Brierley (dec'd) to James R. Burch, III; Cynthia C. Burch, 1917 Canal Pointe, Little Rock. L28, Canal Pointe, $815,000.

D&B Commercial Park, LLC to Tulip Farms, Inc., 815 Judi Drive, North Little Rock. Pt NW 12-1N-11W, $800,000.

Jack Ferguson, LLC to Jon M. Ball; Tammy Ball, 33923 Lakeview West Drive, Roland. L20, Lakeview West, $696,258.

James A. Smith; Rebecca L. Smith to Joel Newman; Lori Newman, Pt SW NE 4-3N-11W, $695,000.

Vivek S. Jagadale; Akshaya Jagadale to Kathryn Bartlett, 132 Noyant Drive, Little Rock. L8 B42, Chenal Valley, $690,000.

Christopher A. Durney; Dana M. Durney; Christopher and Dana Durney Revocable Trust to Suzanne Nesbitt-Pate, 5313 Centerwood Road, Little Rock. Plots 104 & 105, Prospect Terrace No. 2, $685,000.

Benny A. Bloxom; Gayla F. Bloxom to Naimesh J. Jariwala; Neha Jariwala, 27 Talais Drive, Little Rock. L35 B36, Chenal Valley, $614,000.

Randy D. Hickmon; Savena A. Hickmon to James D. Hollis, Jr.; Ann E. Hollis; Hollis Family Revocable Trust, Pt NE 12-3N-12W, $600,000.

Garry Bledsoe; Becka McGee to Aaron Fogle; Brooke Fogle, 22 Winterfern Cove, Little Rock. L18 B20, Woodlands Edge, $582,000.

ABDTD Investments, LLC to New Life Pentecostal Church, Inc., Pt Spanish Grant No. 2417, $490,000.

Trevor Fenton; Melissa Mirota to Christopher Daladier, 906 N. Polk St., Little Rock. L2 B14, Hollenberg, $450,000.

Virgil Miller; Stephanie Miller to James Simmons; Shanee Simmons, 1512 S. Gaines St., Little Rock. Ls8-9 B219, Original City of Little Rock, $445,000.

Rajib Nandy; Anni Nandy to Satnarayan Murthy; Hiral Hudda, 12 Grayan Court, Little Rock. L6, Chenal Valley, $440,000.

Rajib Nandy; Anni Nandy to Satnarayan Murthy; Hiral Hudda , L6 B25, Chenal Valley, $440,000.

Adrian Tremayne Jones; Kimbriana Collins-Jones to Angelia Johnson; Clement Johnson, 145 Mountain Valley Drive, Maumelle. L67 B1, Maumelle Valley Estates, $439,000.

Dale Alan DeMent; Linda Kay DeMent; Dale Alan DeMent and Linda Kay DeMent Joint Revocable Inter Vivos Trust to Franklin J. Wade; Carol J. Wade, L26 B26, Overbrook, $400,000.

Cynthia Ann Richardson; Cynthia Woodall to Thomas Alexander Epperson; Cambris S.W. Epperson, 143 Maumelle Valley Drive, Maumelle. L13 B9, Maumelle Valley Estates, $400,000.

Grant T. Richardson; Ashley R. Richardson to Christale Carter, 2732 Rock Ridge Drive, Sherwood. L54 B5, Stonehill Phase V, $399,900.

Deere Construction, LLC to Deborah F. Baird, 917 Little Oak Drive, Sherwood. L13, Millers Glen Phase 8, $386,000.

David L. Mowry; Emily H. Buell-Mowry to Phillip Zeagler; Natalya Zeagler, 14320 Jerome Drive, Little Rock. L156, Secluded Hills Phase IV, $383,000.

Riverwalk Homes, LLC to Lanazer Elbedairy; Hend A. Ahmed, 216 Kanis Ridge Drive, Little Rock. L9, Kanis Ridge Estates, $379,900.

Jimmy D. Brewer, Jr.; Tara L. Brewer to New Life Pentecostal Church, Inc., Pt Spanish Grant No. 2417, $375,000.

Rodney Chandler; The Rodney Chandler Living Trust to Jyoti B. Makan, L35 B96, Chenal Valley, $369,000.

Deere Construction, LLC to Ismail Demir; Elif Ozturk, 9881 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood. L12, Millers Glen Phase 8, $350,000.

Inderjit Singh; Balwinder Kaur to Craig Terry; Patricia Terry; Craig Terry And Patricia Terry Revocable Living Trust, 218 Red River Drive, Sherwood. L15 B28, Overbrook, $340,000.

KAB Group Residential Real Estate, LLC to Rodney Chandler; The Rodney Chandler Living Trust, L35 B96, Chenal Valley, $332,000.

Madge W. Brown to Robert Magee, Unit 24, Country Place HPR Phase 1B, $330,000.

Daniel A. Matson; Ginger Lynn Matson to Clark Johnson, L2, Pinnacle Valley Liquor, $325,000.

Mary A. Cockrill; The Mary Cockrill Revocable Living Trust to Clark Phillips; The Chester Phillips Two Revocable Trust, Pt SW SW 13 & Pt NW NW 24-2N-14W, $325,000.

Lori A. Bloom to Ricara Properties, LLC, L4, Valley View Court, $310,000.

Clara A. Lofton; Clara A. Lofton Irrevocable Trust to Dwayne H. Gibbs; Blanca C. Gibbs, 63 Kings River Road, North Little Rock. L9 B8, Overbrook, $300,000.

Dale D. Dabbs; Phyllis Dabbs; The Dabbs Revocable Trust Agreement to David Black; Vontella Black; The Black Family Revocable Trust, L299, Foxwood Phase VIII, $299,900.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Sylvia Blair Hundahl; Sylvia Blair Hundahl Living Trust, L13 B3, Parkside at Wildwood Phase II, $299,900.

David A. Stewart to Sasah Samani, L16 B2, The Gardens at Valley Falls, $280,000.

JDN Homes, LLC to Kalyn Klempin; Kyle Klempin, L7, Sanford East, $275,000 .

Dennis Earl Yarberry, Sr.; Carol Ann Yarberry to Aurelio Valdes; Lizet Ramirez, 7822 Hillsboro Road, Mabelvale. Pt SE SE 11-2S-13W, $270,000.

D2H, LLC to Innovative Associates, Inc., L3, Stagecoach Crossing Phase 2, $265,000.

Sam Eugene McDonald; Elizabeth Yvonne McDonald to Bailey C. Zachry; Curtis J. Zachry, 719 N. Van Buren St., Little Rock. L2 B40, Pulaski Heights, $265,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Steven D. Kilgore, 122 Im Drive, Maumelle. L19, Cypress Bend at White Oak Crossing Phase I, $260,399.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Denise Y. Franklin, 133 Jo Park Lane, Maumelle. L33, Cypress Bend at White Oak Crossing Phase I, $255,999.

Rocket Mortgage, LLC; Quicken Loans to All Star Homes, LLC, 2140 Glenn Arbor Court, Sherwood. L4 B2, Glenn Hills, $255,000.

Calhoun Custom Construction, LLC to Mary Mechelle Morrow, L170, Walnut Valley, $255,000.

James Benfer; Cynthia Benfer to Alena Savenka; Henadzi Savenka, 208 Walnut St., Little Rock. Ls3-4 B6, Glendale, $255,000.

Tyler Shaw; Megan Shaw to John Bradley Hyman; Hannah Hyman, 6 Golden Oak Cove, Little Rock. L346, Pleasant View, $255,000.

Micahel D. Little to Tonya L .Rapp, 5 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock. L3 B3, Taylor Park, $254,900.

Richard E. Key; R And C Key Revocable Living Trust/R And C Revocable Living Trust to Erik Paradis; Lauren Paradis, 4 Woodlore Court, Little Rock. L26, Aspen Highlands, $250,000.

John Gregory Temple; The Mildred Cotton Temple Revocable Trust to Big Times, LLC, L215, Leawood Heights 3rd, $250,000.

Mattie Bell Williams; Gene Edward James (dec'd) to Michael Roman; Candy Roman, L37 B13, Cherry Creek, $243,000.

Christale Carter to Theotis King; Thelma J King 13716 Hansfield Circle, North Little Rock. L40 B2, Stone Links, $240,000.

Central Arkansas Home Builders, LLC to Peter J. Guldan, L31F, The Meadows, $239,500.

Central Arkansas Home Builders, LLC to Michael A Solie; Bonnie M. Solie, 405 Sparrow Road, Jacksonville. L32F, Meadows, $239,000.

Justin Habel to Shadai Walker, 7602 Hayley Drive, Sherwood. L26, Hayley Heights, $238,000.

Laura Baldwin; Estate of Grant Austin Baldwin (dec'd) to Warren Williams; Anna Williams, 10009 Kane Drive, Little Rock. L3R B1, Breckenridge 1st Replat, $236,000.

Dwayne H. Gibbs; Blanca C. Gibbs; Blanca Flores to Charles W. Reimer, 2222 Crestwood Road, North Little Rock. L17 B28, Lakewood, $235,000.

James D. Davenport; Welch Living Trust to Kenneth C. Sanders; Margaret L. Sanders, 2228 Hatcher Road, Sherwood. Ls13-15, Oakwood Manor, $230,000.

Blakely R. Sprouse to Joan McGill, 17 Vantage Drive, Maumelle. L8, Woodland Heights, $225,000.

Kitchens Replat, LLC to Mohammad Din Nooristani; Moor Shaba Nooristani, L1, Lottie T. Clise, $223,475 .

Debra Ann Lundy; Estate of Thelma Estell Thigpen to Linda Rose, LLC, L50, Cammack Woods, $222,000.

Eric J. Francis to Dervish Abdullaj L8RR B9, Clendenin, $216,000.

Matthew Reynolds; Alena Reynolds to Mark Hodge Lewis; Cynthia C. Lewis, L28-R B1, Bear Den Estates, $215,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Shelita Harris, 6500 Wild Rose Loop, Sherwood. L26 B1, Trammell Loop Phase 1, $210,275.

Deborah Jo Willis; The Deborah Jo Willis Revocable Trust to Cynthia Lara, 6 Betsy Lane, Little Rock. L65, Briarwood, $210,000.

Goodwill Industries of Arkansas, Inc. to Banyan Capital Investments, LLC, Ls10-12 B306, Original City of Little Rock, $200,000.

William A. Wilmot; Kimberly A. Wilmot to John C. Roslund; Ashley M. Ackerman, Ls8-12 B5, Charles Schattler's 2nd, $200,000.

Mike Orndorff Construction, LLC to Brent Alan Wulf; Kent Denton Wulf, 2217 Rock St., Little Rock. L5, Collins- DuVall (DuVall), $200,000.

William A. Wilmot; Kimberly A. Wilmot to Josh C. Roslund; Ashley M. Ackerman, Ls8-12 B5, Charles Schattler's 2nd, $200,000.

EZ Properties, LLC to Jeff Lemay, L15, Stagecoach Village Phase II, $198,000.

Changeable Properties, John Clifton Richardson, 2505 Stephanie Drive, Little Rock. L15, Sara Lynn Phase I, $196,500.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Landy Monge; Rosa Maria Ardila-Ballestros, 120 Im Drive, Maumelle. L18, Cypress Bend at White Oak Crossing Phase I, $195,000.

Cocoa Beach Investments, LLC to Horace Tatum; Diane Tatum, L14, Stagecoach Village Tract A Phase 2, $187,000.

Simmons Banks/the Charlotte Finkbeiner IRA & Ricky Finkbeiner IRA to Perkins Enterprise, LLC, Pt W/2 NW 22-1N-13W, $180,000.

Mid South Homebuyers, GP to Zak Edgington; Natalie Edgington, 1314 Hanger St., Little Rock. Ls11-12, Field Brothers- Hanger, $177,200.

Curtis J. Stehle to Freddie Rivera, Jr.; Ana Cristina Rivera, 3 Shady Oak Lane, Alexander. L2R, Vimy Ridge Estates Replat, $176,500.

City of North Little Rock to Little Rock Ambulance Authority, L16 B26, Military Heights, $175,000.

John A. Stricklin; Beverly K. Stricklin to Deere Development Company, LLC, L1, Miller Heights Phase 4, $175,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC to Kevin Long; Kimberly Long, 18 Bear Trail Cove, Little Rock. L770, The Hills- Otter Creek Community Phase VII, $174,250.

Mid South Homebuyers, GP to Karen Scheuerer; Amy Sue Newton, 1616 Wright Ave., Little Rock. L31, Fulk's- Centennial, $172,800.

Harold Beal; Bonnie Beal to Angelica Gutierrez; Jonnathan Saldana, 13603 Sardis Road, Mabelvale. L9, Suburban Place, $172,500.

Matealia Jordan to Robera Hamda, 4 Bracey Circle, Little Rock. L2 B1, Stagecoach Crossing Phase 3, $170,000.

David G. Dalton to Jeff Beauchamp, L42, Growing Pines Phase II, $169,900.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, 15503 Chicopee Trail, Little Rock. L9, Chicopee, $166,000.

George Ann Steett to Matthew Hartley, 212 S. Mississippi St., Little Rock. L28, Fairhills $163,900.

Bryan Rousavall to Tony Williams; Brandy Williams, L56, Woodland Hills Phase III, $161,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Frank Mora, 1404 Stone St., Jacksonville. L2 B3, Eastview, $160,000.

Cornelius Apollo Haney to Shakelia Latreece Jackson-Brown; Lee Edward Brown, 7103 Deer Meadow Drive, Little Rock. L22 B4, Deer Meadow, $156,000.

Governor's Cabinet, LLC to Bryan Scotty Salcedo; Maria Isabel Hernandez, 2712 Vancouver Drive, Little Rock. L282, Meadowlark, $155,500.

Paula S. Helton to Dillan T. Clark; Amber N DeLoch, 9000 Barber St., Sherwood. L13, Edwin Bordelon Replat, $154,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Christopher Vasaya; Christina Knowles, 305 Kay St., North Little Rock. L5 B1, Spanish Grant No. 5, $150,000.