Vacuuming the leaves

Our neighborhood in North Little Rock was lucky to be missed by the March 31 tornado, so we are having an exceptional autumn blessing of falling leaves. While driving to an appointment this past week, we encountered three of our city's leaf vacuum trucks, which are the subject of often-expressed envy among our friends from other cities.

What our friends may not know is how fortunate we are to have the incredible workers who operate those trucks. While the vacuum hose was dealing with the bulky piles of leaves, the crew was tackling the escapees, rounding up the leaves with rakes and herding them back to be sucked into the truck.

A big "Thank you" is in order for our tremendous North Little Rock crews. They are awesome!


North Little Rock

Church Lady's return

Ever wonder if the Empress Governor will ease the pace of grandstanding and backward draconian measures that wrest our freedoms from our tenuous grasp and settle into a less dramatic routine of some semblance of normal governance? I do, but alas it shall not be.

Just as I was getting used to at least some small measure of calm due to the absence of Church Lady Jason Rapert, the Empress has resurrected the imp of Faulkner County and appointed him to the State Library Board, where he'll have a direct hand to halt the evil indoctrination of children by the nice librarians that are our neighbors and friends. The foe of church/state separation and enemy of women's rights will again have standing to persecute any that dare oppose the sanctimonious ragamuffin. Obscurity beckons you, Church Lady. I pray that fortune leads you there.



Question of the year

Here is the 2023 question of the year: How is it that a 77-year-old racist, misogynist bigot--found liable for sexual assault, who incited a deadly insurrection to overturn a proven outcome of a democratic election, who has committed mass fraud such as Trump University for personal enrichment, who faces 91 counts of criminal activity, who never goes to church, and who claims to be an authoritarian who wants personal revenge and will make that his top priority if elected president--running against an 81-year-old mainstream politician who goes to church weekly, works for international peace and has significantly improved the American economy, is allowed to be headlined daily as the front-runner for president, while there is relentless press/pundit pressure only for the latter to drop out of the race?

Can anyone make sense of that?

(Don't dare claim it is due to mental or physical conditioning, nor on policy priorities! Joe Biden wins easily on all three of those exams.)



Paperboy to pastor

The Arkansas Democrat was an afternoon publication when I ran a paper route with my friend in the 1950s. Seventh-graders know how to ride a bike and deliver papers after school, but not a great deal more. I'm in my 70s now with degrees in physics and divinity. I'm an elder in the United Methodist Church and author of "The Search For Truth: Starring Moses, Darwin & Einstein." For the record, I'm a registered "independent" who now reads the Democrat-Gazette online.

Catherine Lamb wrote that she had recently received a serious diagnosis, one which led her to question whether or not she wanted to survive four more years. It seems she is driven to despair by lies and hypocrisy which it appears she attributes to Republican politicians. Remember any of the following? "I did not have sex with that woman." "The southern border is secure." "We left no one behind in Afghanistan." "I have never talked with my son about his business." "The laptop is Russian disinformation."

Lamb goes even further: She has never felt at home in Arkansas politically, and now feels she was born into the wrong country. She says she's a Christian, although not a particularly good one. Honesty noted and appreciated. But these are poor credentials for preaching politics to American Christians in Arkansas. Some Christians love America and especially Arkansas.

Lamb reports that she can't take the hypocrisy any longer. Well, the southern border remains open--in both directions. We wish her well. Seriously.

In the interim, we'll be on the lookout for politicians (Democrat or Republican) who don't lie. Scratch that. Here's why: Until we have perfect people, willing to serve as perfect politicians, promoting perfect policies, provisioned by perfect citizens, we'll just have to press on. God help us.



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