Pulaksi County Election Commission certifies results of Nov. 14 school elections

The Pulaski County Election Commission on Tuesday made official the results from the Nov. 14 school elections in the Little Rock School District as well as in the North Little Rock and Pulaski County Special school districts where "elections by candidate" occurred.

In the Little Rock district's School Board Election Zone 5, the newly certified vote is:

Anna Strong ... 547

Donnally Davis ... 14

The certified vote on the Little Rock district's 46.4-mill property tax rate is:

For ... 635

Against ... 108

The district had proposed no change in the property tax rate but placed the current 46.4 mill tax rate on the ballot in compliance with state law that requires an annual vote on every district's tax rate.

In Little Rock's Zone 5, Strong and Davis had filed last August as candidates for the seat held by Ali Noland.

Davis announced Aug. 18 that she would not pursue the seat even though her name would be on the ballot.

As a result, Davis could not win the board seat but she could keep Strong from winning it. Had Davis received more votes than Strong, the Zone 5 seat would have been declared vacant and continued to be held by current board member Noland unless Noland resigned.

At that point, the remaining eight members of the Little Rock board would have had to appoint someone to serve until the November 2024 election.

Also certified by the commission Tuesday were the elections of unopposed incumbents Vicki Hatter, Zone 6 in Little Rock; Angela Person-West, Zone 4 in North Little Rock; and Wendy Potter, Zone 5 in the Pulaski County Special School District.

Person-West and Potter participated in an "election by candidate." There was no early or absentee voting on the two, nor were polling places opened on election day in their election zones. Instead, the two candidates cast the only votes for themselves and on their districts' millage rates at the Pulaski County Administration Building in Little Rock.