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Washington County election officials to use QR codes to help in communicating with voters

by Tom Sissom | September 8, 2023 at 3:13 a.m.
(File Photo/NWA Democrat-Gazette/J.T. Wampler)

FAYETTEVILLE -- Washington County officials are using technology to help voters find election information.

Jennifer Price, executive director of the county's Election Commission, told the commissioners Thursday she has made use of a QR, or "quick-response," code on form letters that will be sent to voters whose ballots have been marked as provisional and not initially counted. The letters notify the voters of the time and location of a public hearing at which they can try to have their ballots counted.

Price said the QR code idea came to her when she was drafting the letters and trying to explain the new office location of the Election Commission in the county's Road Department building at 2615 S. Brink Drive. Voters can use the QR code to find a map showing the new location.

"The QR code, we have not done that before," Price said. "We hope to be able to use it to link voters to information about our elections."

Renee Oelschlaeger, commission chairman, suggested Price and the election staff could use the QR codes to link to the Election Commission website or to posts on social media.

"The QR software is a great idea," Oelschlaeger said. "I know you'll find a hundred different uses for it."

Price said she plans to purchase the software needed to generate QR codes, which will cost about $10 per month. She said she is also using social media more often and will use the QR codes to link to information posted online.

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