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September 13, 2023 at 2:22 a.m.

It's utterly shameless

It appears that Governor Sarah has decided to fully disclose her disdain for the common folk of Arkansas and add a plank to her platform of reform that goes beyond public education (when a politician utters the word "reform," beware) and go after the Freedom of Information Act that passed, finally, decades ago and was highly supported by We the People of our state. I believe the excuse used for wanting to make such a drastic change, "receiving death threats," is beyond weak, it is shameless.

Taxpayer dollars to pay for well-to-do parents to buy vouchers for private schools is shameless. Denouncing liberals is shameless. "Defending" our state against the federal government (except when federal dollars are available) is shameless. Supporting an insurrectionist is shameless. Wanting to shield state government operations and officials from public disclosure and discourage lawsuits by the public asking for information is shameless.

Sarah, even though I didn't vote for you, I did expect more of you once you took the oath, but I seem to have expected too much.

I obviously forgot that you are shameless.



All the court jesters

It would appear that the queen has her court jesters lined up to do her will. While she distracts the common people with a shiny object (a tax cut for her wealthier subjects) the real purpose for the gathering is to gut the Freedom of Information Act. Could it be that the queen doesn't want the peasants to know about her comings and goings, and what shenanigans she may be up to? Don't look to the jesters for any help; they're too busy dancing around her throne singing "Long Live the Queen."

If she was really concerned about cutting taxes, she could start with the state sales tax, or better yet, remove the sales tax on used cars. Wake up, Arkansas!


Little Rock

Address child care

For the third time in 13 months, our Legislature is considering an income-tax cut due to the huge budget surpluses our state continues to accrue. Yet once again, nothing is being proposed to alleviate the lack of quality early childhood care in Arkansas, and to do something about the abysmal pay offered to the teachers and caregivers who take care of our youngest citizens. These dedicated Arkansans work long hours for wages that only equal or barely exceed minimum wage. Meanwhile, many working parents struggle to afford the cost of child care which they must have if they are employed.

Please, legislators, let's get creative and come up with some solutions to this situation instead of lopping another tenth of a percentage point or two off our income-tax rate.


Little Rock

Foxes in henhouse

The only part of the FOIA that needs to be modified is whatever references to the protection of state officers. People who tout transparency in government and then want to gut the FOIA are hypocrites. If the legislators pass what Sarah Sanders wants, there will be more foxes in the henhouse and make it much harder to catch them.


Little Rock

A nightmare session

Oh no! What will our Legislature do this time? I have nightmares every time they meet about what ridiculous laws they'll pass.

Tax cuts? Sure. Love them. But what happened to eliminating the sales tax on groceries which would benefit every Arkansan? No, let's cut at the top and hope a drop or two trickles down to the rest of us while the income gap between rich and poor widens every year.

Next, weaken the Freedom of Information Act? Sharing her security expenses after the fact in no way endangers Gov. Sarah Sanders or her family. What is she trying to hide?

Outlawing vaccine mandates? Mask mandates? Everyone was just trying to deal with covid the best way they could when it struck. How callous to cherish your precious freedom to not wear a mask or get vaccinated while you are endangering others' lives. Millions died; millions! I'm finding it difficult to care that your mask was a bit uncomfortable.

Just discovered last week that the Legislature passed a bill last session to authorize a memorial at the Capitol to all the babies aborted since Roe v. Wade. Did anyone consider how painful that would be to the mom and dad who were heartbroken to choose to abort a baby they were told could never survive? How it would stab the heart of the momma whose life was in danger and other children would be left motherless if she did not terminate her pregnancy? Abortion is seldom an easy decision and can be heartbreaking. Have a bit of compassion.

Don't even get me started on LEARNS. Please, legislators and Governor Sanders, please tone down the divisive rhetoric, consider all your constituents and work together for our common good. That's your job.



Good for everybody

I still consider myself a "Reagan Republican." Leave the FOI alone. Open and transparent government is good for everyone.


Little Rock

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