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OPINION | WALLY HALL: Arnett has brought new philosophy to MSU

by Wally Hall | September 14, 2023 at 2:59 a.m.

With 11 SEC teams winning last weekend, there are three riding a one-game losing streak and who would have ever thought they would be Alabama, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt?

OK, Vanderbilt isn't a shock.

Maybe the stability at head coach is paying off as the SEC has only one newcomer this year and that's Mississippi State's Zach Arnett, who took over last December after the sudden death of Mike Leach.

The Bulldogs host LSU on Saturday in a game that could define the seasons for these teams.

Arnett didn't exactly scrap Leach's Air Raid attack, but the 37-year-old first-time head coach has sought more balance from his team in its first two games.

The Bulldogs have rushed 78 times for 443 yards and passed 46 times for 389 yards. However, Will Rogers has completed 33 of 46 passes with 5 touchdowns and no interceptions.

If an Achilles heel has shown up after two wins, it is likely pass defense. MSU has given 465 yards through the air but only 174 on the ground.

Not sure how this got an 11 a.m. kickoff, but it is on ESPN and should be.

. . .

It has been well-documented that after being announced Deion Sanders was the new head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes he stated that most of the players needed to head for the transfer portal sooner than later.

There was an overhaul of more than 60 players and one thing is obvious: Sanders knows the value of speed.

The upgrade in talent, agility and especially speed is obvious.

Colorado hosts Colorado State this week, and most likely the legend will grow with a 3-0 record. Then It go to Oregon, which will be a test, but not like they one the Buffs will face on Sept. 30 when Southern Cal comes to town.

The Trojans have scored 178 points in three games and given up 52, and most of those were against backups.

. . .

Last year at the Brigham Young game in Provo, Utah, a handful of Arkansas Razorbacks were treated to some Western hospitality not seen in the South.

The Cougar faithful delivered ice cream to the Razorback fans, and from what has been heard, it was really good and welcomed.

. . .

Every major football program in the nation has some fans it is not proud of.

Alabama fans who yelled racist and homophobic insults at Texas Longhorn players last Saturday disgraced an outstanding institution of learning.

It just seems every time the Crimson Tide expand, it adds more fans who threaten the reputation of the school.

Who will ever forget several years ago after a loss to Arkansas and an Alabama fan shot his son.

. . .

Yours truly was introduced to them by the wife, and they are a regular in our house during the football season.

They are two podcasts that look at the lighter side of the previous weekend's football games.

They are "SEC Roll Call" and "SEC Shorts," and both can be seen on YouTube.

They are hilarious, unless maybe you are one of those fans schools really don't need.

. . .

This afternoon, the Little Rock Planning Commission is expected to approve a subdivision of duplexes, which means opening a road from Pankey into Secluded Hills.

For 115 years, Pankey has been a historically Black neighborhood in west Little Rock, and this will be the first bite into destroying its history.

No, this isn't sports, but progress should never destroy historical sites.

From the time Josephine Pankey and her husband Harris bought 12 lots and expanded to 12 city blocks, it was a refuge, But in 1979, Little Rock put it in the city limits and immediately ignored Pankey until land on Highway 10 became so valuable.

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