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Open courses to all

I look forward to reading Brooke Greenberg's column every Sunday. Her Sept. 10 column concerning some aspects of the AP African American Studies courses offered to certain high school students made my little gray cells perk up. I love history and would relish the opportunity to read this now-available part of American history.

Could the AP course be published for all of us to read? Or better yet, could PBS bring it to us in 30-minute teaching and learning segments? This is historical information I did not receive in my 1940-1970 years of education. The governor would not need to worry about indoctrination as I am well past 90. Please make these courses available to all Arkansans and, why not, all Americans.


Little Rock

Very tricky business

Very tricky to attach changes to the FOIA with reduction of taxes for the rich. Why would the person in charge want to change the Freedom of Information Act if they had nothing to hide? We the people of this state should have the ability to understand what is happening in our government. There is no reason to change this law, and just because people are asking questions about why or how regarding issues, the governor wants to change the law. The GOP-packed Legislature is sitting ready to adopt anything she asks, and this is an insult to the people of this state.

I'm sorry, but this administration is doing nothing but following Florida and its wonderful governor.



Scarier than zombies

I loved Josh Snyder's article about Little Rock ranking 113th in best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

The walking dead, however, have been supplanted on my yikes list. A much bigger, scarier fear is our administration led by Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her backup singers, the State Legislature.


Hot Springs Village

Helping most in need

Seems to me that if our illustrious governor really wishes to help the citizens of this state, she would call a special session of the Legislature in order to get rid of all sales tax on grocery and drugs. And then perhaps reduce income taxes on everyone with an income below $80,000.

Just saying, helping those most in need makes more sense ... doesn't it?


North Little Rock

Technological shifts

In his letter to the editor this past Sunday, Gerald Holland apparently wasn't considering that technological advances in detection and warning systems are probably the reason for fewer "hurricane-caused human deaths." Instead of understanding that the frequency and intensity of recent hurricanes has a direct correlation to climate change, he states that "the intensity of the climate-change religion's zealotry" is "the only thing in the climate realm in which intensity is likely to be nationally catastrophic."

We can only hope ...


Fort Smith

Show your reasoning

I encourage our opinion writers as well as all of us to consistently write to show that they are well-reasoned rather than take part in facetious name-calling of the ones they likely dislike or, god forbid, hate. Calling people unkind names is being a crude person and none of us should practice that. Opinion journalists know that they have a bully pulpit that can be used for good or bad behavior. So why choose to write to the lowest of people's character?

If we "really" want to work for unity in society we need to follow our own advice. Is it asking opinion writers too much to quit slandering our female governor and ex-President Trump, as was done in the column "The queen demands"? Just point out facts rather than silly name-calling in an attempt to discredit them. Change your attitude. We can all be a curmudgeon. We can all have a termagant spirit, but why should we?

Many people in today's society have perhaps never heard of the Beatitudes, as some of us learned in public schools. That of course occurred prior to some uninformed Christians and atheists believing it was a good thing to kick the Bible as literature from public life. By what authority do teachers of today's students use to teach students to have civilized behavior?

I don't know if you have heard of the Beatitudes, but most Christians have been taught them. I am confident that most agree the Beatitudes can teach everyone, (me, you and Trump) sane qualities. If we want a sane, kind society, then it must began with us. We do not listen to others' opinions if we see hypocrisy in their crude speech or writings. So clean it up. Excellent examples are Robert Steinbuch's opinion piece "Leave FOIA alone" and Sarah Catherine Gutierrez's column "Beware financial hedonic treadmill."


Hot Springs Village

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