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September 16, 2023 at 4:12 a.m.

Modern meteorology

Mr. Gerald Holland contends that hurricanes that occurred over 95 years ago were more destructive because of the enormous loss of lives. What he fails to consider is that meteorology has progressed tremendously since that time.

Back then, there was no chance of advance warning to the public to evacuate for the hurricanes he mentioned. There was no sea wall in Galveston to protect from the storm surge that was the primary killer. (That was constructed in response to the 1900 storm.) And we don't have records of the wind speeds and categories of the storms.

There is simply no comparison to the ability of modern meteorology to predict storm paths and severity days to weeks ahead of time, nor to modern infrastructure.



Could be better spent

It has been a minute since my plea to Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) for four-laning U.S. 412 from Huntsville to Harrison was published. Since, more wrecks/injuries/heartaches have happened on the stretch, including one with entrapment near Marble on Sept. 10. I understand the push for a highway to Northwest Arkansas National Airport, but I do not understand prioritizing four lanes headed to Tulsa over the Huntsville-to-Harrison need.

I asked ArDOT before and I ask again: How many more will it take for your stance from "No timeline has been announced" to "We are going to seriously try to come up with the money to make 412 four lanes"? It is a federal highway. Surely our U.S. congressional representatives and senators could help find money.

ArDOT, you could have used the money you spent on 412 from the Washington/Madison County line to Springdale instead of making nearly lane-width shoulders or even spent it on 45 from Fayetteville to Hindsville, which has become almost impassable.



Hendricks on target

I always enjoy the articles authored by Bryan Hendricks. His obvious experience with various outdoor activities infuses his articles with rich visual pictures for me. I was emotionally moved by his recent article on Sept. 10, "Purple Hull knife celebrates special friendship."

Not only am I a fan of the 16-gauge, shooting my favorite Browning Sweet Sixteen for many years, I also have many mementos that I have collected over the years and I also keep them where I can see them often and recall special individuals and experiences. Yes, "Some are dead and some are living, in my life I've loved them all." (Beatles, "In My Life")



There must be answer

First of all, let me say that I am no better than the next person. I was born into a blended family of 28 brothers and sisters, lived in a three-room shotgun house and was taught the value of hard work. I was told that education was the way out of having to settle for less, I was told that higher education paid higher dividends, so I learned to work and study hard.

Secondly, let me say that I have been homeless twice in my life, but I chose not to remain homeless and I am of the mind that not everyone that I see on a street corner is not there by circumstance but rather by choice. I'm seeing people, whole families of all ages, races, sexes. I see people with shopping carts (from Kroger, Walmart, etc.) filled with their possessions. I see people with more than one sign, I see them with signs saying that they want a beer. I see them sitting on the street corners in lawn chairs with elaborate umbrellas; they have stopped standing and they bring chairs. Under almost every overpass you can see where they leave their possessions and litter.

I believe in the Bible. I believe it says that charity begins at home. I believe in helping where I can, and I believe the Bible when it says the poor we will have with us always, but I just think that there has to be a solution rather than just counting the homeless every year and making sure that they have a meal Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For me, I tried finding one person who I could help, and did and do. But to hand my money out of my vehicle window at every street corner ... I'm not doing it. We have stray cats in my neighborhood that I feed and they keep coming, but when I stop feeding them, they stop coming. If these bleeding hearts would stop handing their money out and look for a more viable solution ...

If there is a solution, I am on board to help.


Little Rock

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