Pine Bluff letter


Prime destination

Editor, The Commercial:

In this digital age of the internet, we have a tremendous amount of information at our fingertips on places around the world we might want to visit. Google Pine Bluff and a very attractive website opens with eye catching views of various sites in the city.

Well, let's see what's going on in the Bluff via this website:

Calendar of Events indicates--"No Entries Found."

News - Item 1) 01/25/2023, Press Release -- continued partnership with CGI Digital, evidently the producer of the website. Item 2) 08/25/2023 Bid -- Renovation of Harbor Oaks Pro Shop. Let's hope the bid included telephone service. How many businesses do you know who do not have a telephone? REALLY!! Oh, by the way, that's all the news promoting Pine Bluff. Excited about PB as destination of choice yet? Wait, there is more mediocrity to come.

Doing Business -- a Diagram/Flow Chart illustrating red tape required for those wishing to start a new Pine Bluff business.

Discover Pine Bluff -- Provides a nice history lesson on the development of Pine Bluff from the mid 1800's-1976, as Pine Bluff's population increased from 20,000 in 1930 to 55,000 today. Hmmm! 55,000? Well anyway, looks like nothing new to Discover in PB since 1976 as the topic would indicate.

Attractions -- A significant number of the Attractions listed, showed "No Pages Found" when selecting the attraction for more detailed information.

The history lesson does share how efforts began in 1992 with the nonprofit Downtown Development Inc. to revitalize downtown Pine Bluff. So after 31 years and tens of millions of dollars, are we still not there yet, or is it we need a clearer vision for growth? GFPB has proven, however, they are not the doctor of choice.

What is going on in Pine Bluff, the prime destination of choice? Looks like a considerable waste of our hard-earned dollars for sure.

Mike Lankford,

Pine Bluff