Program life-changer

Too often, good people doing good things don't get the recognition they deserve. But thanks to an article penned by Grace Pitts in the fall issue of North Little Rock Proud magazine, city residents learned of the Anchor Program.

Pitts tells us of a problem faced by many offenders in court, their inability to pay court fees due to financial instability and lack of education. Instead of placing these people in deeper financial straits, North Little Rock District Court Judge Paula Juels Jones addressed the problem by exploring alternative sentencing programs. That's when the Anchor Program, a partnership with Shorter College, was created. Judge Jones explains the alternative sentencing program: "This collaboration allows offenders to acquire professional certificates, GEDs, and associate's degrees free of charge. ... offenders are able to become a vital part of the workforce in our city." Shorter College says the likelihood to re-offend drops from 53 percent to 13 percent for those with a GED.

Judge Jones, Shorter College, and all the people involved in making this life-changing program work deserve the recognition and gratitude of the community.


North Little Rock

To bear responsibility

What do you suppose our congressman, Frenchie McTrumpster, and all the other Trump lovers were doing this past Sunday morning? Why, they were no doubt watching their new favorite TV show, "Meet the Press." This once legitimate news program has gone from reporting on the man believed most responsible for the attack on the U.S. Capitol in 2021 to giving him free airtime to regurgitate all the lies he's told for the last several years.

I dd not watch the interview, nor shall I watch "Meet the Press" again for the foreseeable future. There's a big difference between reporting on what a deranged sociopath is saying and giving that same deranged sociopath the opportunity to spew his lies and hatred directly to the viewers. It is truly sad that the self-proclaimed longest-running show in television history has become no better than Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News.

Despite all of Donald Trump's derision toward what he calls the fake media, he no doubt jumped for joy when he got the offer to be interviewed by "Meet the Press." Frenchie must be overjoyed as well, since his boy Trump will be able to use this appearance to further his goal of repairing his image, hoping that independent voters will forget the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

To the new moderator of "Meet the Press," Kristen Welker, I just have this to say: If this deranged sociopath manages to be elected president next year, you and your show will bear some of the responsibility for that tragedy.


North Little Rock

Adolescent behavior

Did you notice that Gov. Sarah Sanders signed a bill modifying "sunshine" law with what appeared to be blue Sharpies? This behavior could serve as a textbook example of adolescent idolatry, sans the black Sharpie of Donald Trump.

And people, this behavior from our own governor. Heaven help Arkansas.


Mountain Home

All the more reason

A friend told the following to a group of us around a campfire not too long ago, and I thought it was worth passing on:

I awaken; the sky is dark; I arise and get ready for the day. The sun emerges; the house stirs, my spouse starts to move; the kids rev up their rivalries, and the dogs meander playfully underfoot.

After breakfast attempts, all but me are in the family bus, most bound for school, and my other is focused on later helping others. I'm left to work in the clinic adjacent to our home.

As the hours pass, lessons are learned, tests taken, sports are practiced, and arts rehearsals are undertaken. Patients, clients, and customers are seen; shopping, appointments, and unscheduled necessities are handled--emergency or not. Family and friends are encountered for better or worse, but appreciation for all are acknowledged in the end.

Before you know it, the day starts dimming toward night with or without ballgames or recitals occurring. Homework or preparing for the next day's tasks begins transpiring, and supper is being rushed through or lavishly celebrated, followed by maybe favorite TV shows or a recent or classic movie being viewed.

By late nightfall, with most folks in bed, hopefully all under our roof are grateful for the opportunities the day has offered (depending on which activities or events each child or adult has enjoyed/experienced/suffered/endured), and maybe given a prayer for blessings having been bestowed on them during the previous handful of hours. And then again, maybe they forgot to express such gratefulness. If not, at least there's another day ahead to try once again. At least for most of us. All the more reason for saying a prayer.


Little Rock