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4-star hoops recruit, father impressed by UA

Other sports at the University of Arkansas use home football weekends as a recruiting tool, and the father of a major basketball target is glad he and his family visited for the Razorbacks' game against.

Class of 2025 consensus 4-star prospect BJ Davis-Ray made this second unofficial visit to Arkansas last weekend, and the experience didn't disappoint him or his family.

His father, Brandon Davis-Ray Sr., called the trip "amazing" and "awesome."

"I've never been to the football stadium and seeing that environment, it was just a great environment and great atmosphere," Davis-Ray Sr. said. "The facilities are great. Basketball and football."

Davis-Ray, 6-7, 190 pounds, of Duncanville, Texas, has scholarship offers from Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Auburn, TCU, LSU, Illinois, Tennessee and others.

He first visited the Hogs for the Missouri game in January with his then teammates at Link Academy in Branson before he transferred to Duncanville.

Last weekend's trip gave the younger Davis-Ray a more in-depth look at Coach Eric Musselman's program.

"From the basketball standpoint, practice was ran really well," Davis-Ray Sr. said. "First and foremost, the coaches were very personable -- not only with me but with my family and the kids. Obviously, that's going to stand out.

"All of the facilities were top notch. The weight room, we got a chance to see the basketball arena. I heard it gets pretty crazy in there just like football. But overall, just a great feel just from everybody in the community. Just meeting people, small talking, just a great overall feel."'s industry ranking lists Davis-Ray the No. 14 shooting guard and the No. 43 overall prospect in the nation for the 2025 class.

The support for the Razorbacks in Fayetteville and surrounding area made a strong impression on Davis-Ray Sr..

"There's not many times you find a large group of people that are all on the same accord," he said. "It was like everybody in Arkansas understands that it's about the Razorbacks. That's the common denominator and everybody is bought in."

Davis-Ray Sr. also said he got a dose of Southern hospitality when he encountered a Hog fan at the football game.

"We were sitting at the football game and a guy just kind of tapped my shoulder and said, 'Oh, you guys are down here for basketball?' and I was like, 'Yeah.' And he said, 'Oh, your son is a potential recruit?' and I said, 'Yeah,' " Davis-Ray Sr. said. "It was like they immediately go in. It's like they're another part of the coaching staff. It's not just recruiting, it's just a good human. You get it no matter where you turn."

He praised Musselman and his staff for being attentive and easy to relate to on a day when the Hogs had several other prospects on campus.

"It was an opportunity to meet and get a feel for each other and all of that was just seamless," Davis-Ray Sr. said. "It was like I knew some of the coaching staff. Talking to them and being around them, we didn't miss a beat. Obviously, Muss was great as well. They're entertaining six or seven recruits but you really can't tell because everybody is giving you the proper time that's needed.

"I can definitely see us coming back to visit again."

Also accompanying Davis-Ray Sr. and his son were his wife Juanita, daughter Bralynn and son Bryson.

Eight-year-old Bralynn was sold on Arkansas and couldn't understand why her brother didn't just end his recruitment and become a Razorback.

"I think my daughter might be a future Razorback," Davis-Ray Sr. said. "She is super impressed [and] engaged in the [Hog] Call like BJ talked about the first time. She does track, so we had the opportunity to visit the track and field.

"If she had to make a decision now, it would probably already be made. She was telling BJ like, 'Man, what you waiting on? This is it right here.' "

While back home in Texas, Davis-Ray Sr. said he couldn't stop thinking about the atmosphere at Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

"I've been telling everybody, I don't care what you do, if you don't get to Fayetteville for a football game, you're missing out," he said.

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