Reflects on supporters

Ginny Moore Womble inquires whether Trumpers reflect themselves through support of Donald Trump. She should be asked if support for Joe Biden reflects on his supporters. She should ask this of herself.

Then she attacks Christians for claiming Trump is a gift from God. I have not seen any proof of Christians doing so. If so, it's in the minority. Is this claim another Democratic strawman to provide talking points?

I have viewed a Democratic convention where placing the word "God" in their platform was booed. I believe most of God's commandments that Democrats claim Trump has broken have been broken by Biden and other Democratic leaders. Does any of this reflect on Ginny?

She mentions bankruptcy and the death of Trump's followers due to his promises. One follower was killed on Jan. 6 by an overzealous Capitol police officer. I believe Biden, on the other hand, through his and Democratic policies, has directly or indirectly resulted in many thousands of people losing purchasing power, some to the point of bankruptcy, and I believe Biden's border and foreign policies have led to the deaths of many citizens, service people and allies. Does this reflect on Ginny?


Mountain Home

Get state cleaned up

So we've got these tens of thousands of people coming to our state to see the solar eclipse on April 8 (not too far away). Well, I'm concerned that the first thing and the last thing that these visitors are going to see (and possibly remember) is all of the litter up and down our interstate highways (I-30, 40, 49, 67/167, 430, etc.).

Surely if there was a focus on this issue along with the enforcement of some existing laws, our highways wouldn't look so bad. It seems like our state leaders would want to get "all cleaned up" and look our very best. If we're not careful, we might get renamed the Nasty State rather than the Natural State.

I think we're missing a great opportunity to showcase our state. We're going to have to hustle; not much longer until "show time."


Little Rock

By any other name ...

A recent news article, "1 shot in library parking lot," lists the library as the "Central Arkansas Library System's (CALS) Children's Library and Learning Center." The CALS website lists this library as the "Hillary Rodham Clinton Children's Library and Learning Center."

Is the glass opaque or transparent?


Little Rock

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